Tuesday, 26 April 2011

More pictures from Göteborg

Weird face is from me biting my lip lol

I’m very disappointed… I really thought I would be at a clear, obvious knee length by now!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Göteborg meeting

It was actually the second time I was in Göteborg to meet other vaguely creepy endearing weirdos from the longhair world. Almost the same people as last, so that only made it more fun that we already somewhat know each other

Of course it was one of those days where my hair just wouldn’t behave! I wanted to make a hybrid bun with one strand braided and one strand roped, but my hair completely refused to play along! Sigh.

And yet, when I was on the bus heading for the train station, someone came up to me and asked if she could take a picture of my hair! That was a new experience for me!
I’m not very good with compliments and started blushing and stuttering. Bleah.
Was still pretty funny… Especially on a day where I thought my hair was being a total pain.
It made me wonder if there are other pictures of my hair “out there” taken without my permission.

It turned out it was really easy to find Kostifik and Isilme. I mean, how often do you spot other buns out “in the wild”? Buns with hairsticks in? Hennaed buns with hairsticks in?
Yea, never :)

For a while I’ve been considering doing a light henna tint to get a bit more red in my hair, but both of them are henna-heads wanting to get rid of it, so I took it as a sign!

Later we met up with HappyKarin and Maria_Asa for food, shopping and looking around Göteborg

I treated myself to a big chunk of Sexy Peel, a Lush soap with a wonderfully warm and sweet orange scent (A little impressed at my nose that I could “spot” it in a store full of hundreds of other scents and track it down)

We stopped in a park where the sun played with the fountain and made a little rainbow

And had yummy ice-cream

I found it really funny that we were all wearing one or another kind of buns held with hair sticks!

Then the hair came out

Lineup :)
This is where everyone in the park stopped and stared… Even when a group of people seemingly random walked up to a statue and started singing to it, people were still staring at us!

That’s all I have. I didn’t take many pictures, but I know other people did. I’ll post them when I get them