Friday, 5 December 2014

Q&A answers

For some reason Blogger decided to eat up my answers. Huh. How odd.
So, here goes… Again.

What made you want to grow your hair? 
Helene Sørensen
Short answer: Because I like it.
Long answer: It just sort of happened.
After I shaved my head, I found short hair got boring really, really fast. So originally I just wanted to regrow it long enough to whip it up in an emergency ponytail (Like, a bit past shoulder length/flip length).
When it was finally long enough to do that, I wanted it long enough to properly braid (Like, BSL ish).
When it was finally long enough to do that, I wanted it long enough to bun (Like, waist ish).
When it was finally long enough to do that, I wanted it long enough to do a figure 8 bun (Like, classic ish).
When it was finally long enough to do that, I wanted it long enough to make a cool crown braid (Like, mid thigh ish)
So it sort of became a “More wants more” kind of thing…

If you would encounter a wizard, who could magically transform your hair to any length, what would that length be? 
Hah. Could be fun to have below floor length or something really long. But only if I could get the damn taper down. No fun having only 14 hairs reaching floor length.

What would you change about the following: 1. your hair 2. body (height/figure, ect) 
1: I’d like my hair to be a natural copper blonde/ strawberry blond.
Thicker and less taper. Yea, more wants more.
Also, some sort of natural parting/cowlick, thank you very much. My hair falls flat down in front of my face, so I always need to restrain it in some way or another if I want to see.

2: Ooooh boy… This will be a long list and probably makes me seem really insecure.

  • Better skin. I have super sensitive skin and it seems it’s always mad at me no matter what I do.
  • I have hooded eyelids and I’d like them not to be. It runs in my family and yes, I considered surgery.
  • Larger eyes.
  • Better eyesight. Minus 4,25 and minus 5. It’s a lot.
  • Straighter nose. Broke it twice, so now it has a slight bump. Yes, I considered corrective surgery.
  • My jawline is slightly asymmetrical. Yes, I considered the Korean jaw shaving surgery.
  • Smaller boobies.
  • I could stand to lose a few kgs.
  • Change where my fat deposits go to: It pretty much only goes between my navel and top thighs. A little more distribution would be nice!
If you could live anywhere, where would you pick? 

Hmmmm. How about Réunion?

If you could become you favourite character from a book, whom would you be? 

Okay, this is a difficult question. I mean, favourite books and favourite characters and all don’t equal a universe I would want to live in, you know?
If we took some of my recent favourites like the Game of Thrones series, the Metro 2033 series and the World War Z book… Yea, I would not want to live in those universes. I don’t have a death wish.
But to pick a character I both like and would want to be: Asimov’s Dr. Susan Calvin.

Have you ever considered going from being a serious amateur hair and beauty blogger to being a professional one? What would influence your decison one way or another? 
No, never. I like blogging as a hobby, but I simply have no interest in going pro even if I could.

Do you like turtles? or any other animals for that matter? I'm a big fan of friendly affectionate ones. Best pets I ever had were Rats. Any pets? 
I haven’t had pets since I moved out of my parent’s house, but when I lived at home, I always had animals around me. We will get animals again once we move to a larger place.
Never thought of getting a turtle as a pet though!
My best pet was my peach faced lovebird Bølle. The most affectionate, intelligent and cranky little old fluffball in the world. He’s been dead for 14 years now, but I still miss him every day.

I would have had a pet mallard too that we found motherless where my parents have their boat, but Bølle refused to accept him in my room, so he had to be more of an outdoors-duck than a pet. Bølle flew into a screaming fit and would probably have murdered the little babyduck, so…

We had a budgie before I got Bølle and my parents have a dog.
I had a bunch of animals, not pets:
And oh, so many injured rescues of tits, sparrows, pigeons and swallows though the years.
And since the duck had to be an outdoors duck, we got him a lady friend and they had a bunch of duckbabies themselves.  

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