Saturday, 10 September 2011

My first nail-wraps!

Hubby took one look at the package and decided they were tacky. Then he made a reference to Peggy Bundy. Hmpf. He can bite my shapely behind!
When I got ready to apply them, I ran into a problem. The packaging tells you to apply heat from a hairdryer to soften and active the glue. Yikes. I have never even owned a hairdryer!
So what is a clever girl to do? Why, she heats up towels in the oven and wraps them around her toes. Hah.
It was pretty easy even when it was my first try ever and I didn’t even have the tools they required. But in a few days I’ll see how they last and if the lack of hairdryer-heat screwed it up.
I really like them!
But I will have to half-agree with hubby though. They would have been really tacky if I had long nails. On my short toenails they just look cute and fun.

The Bathroom

Introducing a new category!
When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be about (my) hair. But the sad fact is that it’s not very exciting for me to blog about it. As much as I like writing, I like blogging and I like my hair, there isn’t much of a thrill in it.
So I’m introducing The Bathroom: Non-hair beauty entries.

As I mentioned Wednesday, I ordered some stuff from
This might be of interest to the Swedes reading this: At the moment some Libresse products comes with a 100 kroner discount code if you buy for over 500 kroner.
I didn’t plan to spend any “extra” money this month with 3 sets of Ketylos and an expensive calculator coming my way, but I just couldn’t say no to some girly products with a discount. Especially since they have a nice selection of nail wraps and I’ve wanted to try those for some years, but just never got around to it.

My order arrived today:
  • 2 sets of nail wraps
  • 3 funky nail polishes
  • French tips
  • Gym shirt
  • Puma Jam deodorant (Have loved all scents Puma ever made!)
  • Slightly bronzed blusher (Been wanting an in-between blusher for a while now)
  • (And a free magazine)

Friday, 9 September 2011

Hair fodder

Something you rarely hear about when it comes to pros and cons when it comes to hair types is that thick hair eats hair tools and toys. Ficcares squeak in protest. Elastics die just from looking at my hair. Hair sticks snaps. Flexi 8s struggle to close over my buns.

I picked up this pack of metal-free black elastics when I was getting groceries. Hubby helped me unpack when I came home: “Hey, those should last you a while” He said.

Hah. Watch me.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thursday the 8th of September

Having one of those days where I just can’t be bothered. The mane is getting really greasy and need washing pretty bad, but meh, just can’t be bothered. Maybe tomorrow.
Made a simple English braid and twisted it up in a Nautilus bun held with a Flexi 8.

Have errands to run.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Not sure if want

I just ordered some stuff from and they have this thing here…


As the title says: Not sure if want. I guess in the end I think its more a fun object than something I really want or would use?

Dieting, hair and me

I’ve been debating whether I should be putting this in writing and on my blog or not. On one hand, I feel exposed and that it’s deeply personal. On the other hand, it’s a part of my life (And of concern to the topic of my blog: My hair) and I have a strong dislike against those blogs where women go on about how they “Eat anything they want to!” and posts pictures of their food, lots of snacks and candy and still weigh less than my favourite boots.

I don’t want to promote such a fake view of reality.

The reality is that I weigh 64 kg.
The reality is that I have a very narrow window where I like my body: 54-56 kg.
Below that and I have bones poking out and look unhealthy.
Above that and my fat starts piling up between my hips and upper thighs and I absolutely hate my body.

So yes, I hate my body. I have gained 10 kg in the less than two years I have known hubby. Talk about relationship-gut!

I have tried cutting out candy and snacks, but forbidding them makes them even more tempting! I love cooking, I love food and I love eating.

So, without controlling my diet I eat more than I can burn. It doesn’t help that hubby and I want to snuggle up on the couch with movies and snacks.
And it doesn’t help that this is what I feel about going to the gym at the moment:

But whenever I try to go on a diet, all the “forbidden” food is tempting me.

Strangely when I fast (About once a year) I’m doing really well. Maybe it’s because I have systemised my day and organised what I can eat and when? So whenever I feel cranky or hungry, I know I have so-and-so long until the next allowed meal or drink.

Maybe that’s the way to go? Calculate a diet with the exact number of calories and what foods and when I can eat?

I will have to pay attention to how much protein I get on the diet then. About 3 years ago I went through a really, really stressful year and I lost a lot of hair without noticing. I must have lost a just few extra hairs each day since I didn’t notice it, but it all adds up. I can clearly see the regrowth today. It adds up to about the thickness of a finger, so it’s quite a lot!

Of course this makes me very paranoid of any diet changes. Protein shakes aren’t a lot of extra calories for a lot of protein if you just use low fat milk. I really should incorporate that in a diet to make sure.

I’m really tired of hating my body. I should get myself together to do something about it…

To be continued!

New page

I put a new page up.  I have added some of the information I often find myself wanting when I see pictures or read other peoples blogs.
It’s basically just some stats on my own hair. I especially find myself wishing I knew how tall people are when I see length shots!
I really hope people can see out of my growth rate that I really don’t have a super woman’s hair growth or anything and that it’s just a question of time and not doing any harm in the process!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Funny ^^


I’m back in Sweden again after having visited my parents for their anniversary. It’s been a while since last I was back in my native Denmark. To keep it hair-related, I noticed how there isn’t a big difference between the water in Skåne and in Svendborg where my parents live. Usually when I come to visit my parents I find my hair being unmanageable and slippery after just a single shower there

Denmark is a classic ice age landscape with lots of small hills and lakes created by the ice’s forces. Underneath the surface, the composition of underground can change drastically within just a few meters depending on the material the ice left behind.

Drinking water is pumped out of the underground, filtered and analysed before being sent out to consumers, but if the results are within parameters, the water isn’t further treated. Nothing is added and nothing is subtracted from the water.

This naturally means that there are big differences in mineral contents between areas. Skåne is the same ice age landscape type as the vast majority of Denmark, but they remove some of the calcium

In everyday life this means nothing more than a slight difference in tap water flavour, how often you need to remove calcium deposits in water boilers and showers and that when you buy laundry detergent, you will find a small map in the back showing recommended doses calculated for the median water hardness of the different areas.

I notice a difference when it comes to hair. I do prefer the slightly softer water like that of Skåne, but it’s been a surprise a few times to find my hair being suddenly slippery after having been washed in soft water when I lived in areas with harder water. Harder water offers a bit more “grip” which I do like, but it seems to add slightly to the build-up speed.

Of course some longhairs find themselves buying showerheads and speculating in water hardness and mineral deposits.

I absolutely hated the chlorinated water I experienced for instance in USA and the salt water (!) in Fuerte Ventura. Both made my skin itch and killed the shine and manageability of my hair.

Now I wonder what exact water hardness they have in Skåne and Lund in particular.

1 dH = (1 °dH ≈ 0,178 mmol/l) = 10 mg of calcium in one litre of water.