Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hask Henna ’n’ placenta

By request by Elena, my thoughts about this product.

The smell is a bit odd. Sort of “wooden” and a bit sweet.

One thing that that weirded me out a bit was that the foam is slightly brown and not the white that you’re used to see in the drain. It doesn’t colour the hair though and the brown disappeared quickly. The other thing that weirded me out was that is has a “texture”. It’s hard to describe. Somehow it just felt different than other conditioners. I guess it’s like trying to describe how cotton feels different than wool.

Of course the pack was too small to sufficiently cover my knee length hair, but I concentrated it on the ends and supplemented with some Schwarzkopf leftovers for the top. I wrapped it up in the Sexysmurf and gave it about an hour of heat.

It was nice and easy to rinse out.

I was a bit worried about the protein content since I have coarse hair and need to be a bit careful with my protein. It didn’t turn out to be a problem. It didn’t seem that my hair reacted to the protein in any negative way. My hair feels strong and moisturised at the same time. It has that “feel” like after a cassia treatment where it just feels stronger.

In fact, after I had towel dried and braided it, it did that “sliding” thing where water just slides down the length and the tassel ended up dripping wet and it was practically completely dry from the shoulders and up. That seems to be the sign of a thorough conditioning, so I’m very pleased.
When my hair needs a conditioning, it “holds” the moisture for longer and doesn’t dry as quickly on the top.

All in all, I think it’s a great product with a very nice effect. However, I would be a bit cautious and not use it too often because of the protein content.

More about the nail wraps

Well, the pink nail wraps failed!
Just the evening after, the middle nails started peeling at the edges. It was pretty weird actually, since the leopard ones lasted so perfectly for so long. But then again, the leopard ones felt completely different from the pink ones when I put them on. It was very strange when they came from the same brand and same line!

Maybe it has to do with that I used hubby’s hair dryer to heat them. When I used the hot towels from the oven, I think they got more heat than with the hair dryer. Maybe it was also because I “tucked” the hot towels around my toes so they got both more heat and pressure?

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nail wraps

It’s been 19 days since I put the leopard spot nail wraps on and other than a bit of wear among the edge of the nails, they look great! No peeling, chipping, nothing. I’m very, very impressed! The only downside with them is that I think they took a few chips of my nails off when I removed them, but I’m not entirely sure. It was hard to see if they did or it was some sort of glue/sticker residue. But then again, I have some pitifully thin and peeling nails so it’s not fair to judge the wraps on my suspicions. They actually last perfectly for so long that I see regrowth of the nails.

Hubby saw me warming towels in the oven and asked me what I was doing. I explained that the nail wraps requires heat to be removed and since I don’t own a hair dryer, I had to use oven heat and towels. Hubby then said he actually had one. He went digging for it and sure enough, we do have a hairdryer in the apartment. I had to laugh though: That thing has to be from the 70s! I need to remember to take a picture of that thing; it’s hilarious how old it is!

Anyways, mostly I wanted to try an idea I had for nail polish.
I have a light blue, a purple and a pink in the same brand and I wanted to make a “rainbow” where I mixed two colours to graduate them. The idea in theory was fine, but even after letting it dry for 30 minutes after the last coat, I managed to ruin it when we put socks and shoes on to go for a late night snack-run *sigh* So off with that again. I know it wasn’t your standard nail polish, but it was still a good demonstration of how much easier the wraps are in comparison!

(I always go outside the nail side when I paint my toenails. Its easy to remove the extra polish from the skin later and you get a better coverage and smoother cover when you just have to worry about the strokes instead of corners)

I then wanted to try the other kind of nail wraps. Strangely enough, the pink, white and black kind turned out to be a lot harder to work with than the leopard spotted ones. They were a lot thicker and harder to cover over the nails. Very strange since they were from the same brand and line!

I got a few “edges” on the wraps where they didn’t bend perfectly over the nail-shape so I doubt I will stay as happy with these as I were with the other ones. On experimental basis, I gave my nails two layers of a top coat before adding the wraps.

I’m wondering though: What is best for weak nails? What damages the nails most? Glue or nail polish? Will nail polish bind stronger to the nails than the glue and damage them when I peel them off?

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


So I emailed Keavin of Ketylo yesterday and got the reply today.

My message was:

Hello Kevin,

I bought 3 sets of large corian ketylos through the group order for the LHC&UTT group on Facebook that Lisa Carter was manager of.

Today I was going to use a speckled blue pair for the first time and one of the sticks broke in my bun, forming a sharp edge and cutting my scalp. (The stick then further broke after I threw it on the floor. There might have been some cursing involved *Cough*)

I’m attaching a picture of the sticks after the breaks.

Are the corians more brittle than the dymondwood? (Which I have 3 pairs of too) Or have I just been unlucky that one of my sticks have been stressed and fractured somehow?

The dymondwood sticks have served me and my thick knee length hair for many years so I’m naturally scared of my scalp since corian sticks have failed on only the second time I ever used any of them!

I hope to hear from you,

Best regards,

His reply:

Hi Ida, sorry to hear about your experience with the corian. Corian is not a strong material and should only be used in updo styles that dont require a lot of bending or twisting. Dymondwood is much stronger and unlikely to break easily. The thicker and longer your hair is would suggest that you may want to use thicker sticks that are less likely to break. The wood and dymondwood are probably the best for you. Thanks and blessings, kev

I’m pretty disappointed in his reply to tell the truth. He didn’t even answer my questions! I’m not even sure what he is trying to say here? There is nothing wrong with his sticks; it’s my hair that’s too heavy? “Buy my dymondwood sticks instead”? That I shouldn’t use corian sticks in buns at all because they are twisted and bent? Eh?

We’re talking about a hair stick that I didn’t even get to finish putting in my bun before it broke and that cut my scalp open, so I guess I had expected an offer of replacement or a discount code for next purchase or something? The common opinion when I posted about the accident on Facebook was that Kevin would offer a replacement or something, but I guess not? I guess Kevins opinion is that I shouldn’t use corians at all so therefore I won’t be offered a replacement?

Disappointing when you’re dealing with someone who is known for having such a great customer service.

Anyways. I’m not really sure what to do now. I spent 101$ + the Paypal fee on these sticks. One is now broken and I’m not sure I even want to put the rest in my hair anymore. I could always put them on the trading board, but I’m honestly not sure I want to pass something that was inferior onto someone else.

And it really, really irritates me that he ends his email with “blessings”. I know he mean it as something positive, but who says I want it? Who says I’m the same religion as him? Who says I want to be blessed at all? Would he not be extremely offended if I ended my email with “Satan loves you”?

I know it may seem as a small thing to be annoyed about, but it’s something that is so easily avoided by not being claustrophobically narrow-minded and automatically assuming the rest of the world is the same religion as you and would just love to be “Blessed”.

Bah. Yea, I’m sorely disappointed.

Monday, 26 September 2011


Disaster! My beautiful blue speckled corian Ketylos broke today at the first time I was going to actually use them. And they broke inside my figure 8 bun and broke the skin of my scalp. Ouch!

I’ll be unable to wear up dos for a while I think. I can’t get a good look at how bad it actually looks in the back of my head but it really hurts.

I’m really upset. I’ve broken hairsticks before but they have been cheap plastic ones, not 32 USD for a set-Ketylos!

The tip broke in my bun and the second break is from me angrily throwing the rest of the stick down (May have been some serious cursing at this point too) So yea, the might survive a drop, but not being thrown down.

Look at that sharp edge it made when it broke! Argh!!

Blog post about the blog

Well, two new notes for my blog…

About a month ago I changed my settings so you no longer need to log into a Google account to leave comments. I changed it without making a notice of it to see how it would go.
On one hand I would like intelligent and interesting input.
But on the other hand, I know how much stupidity and human scum is on the internet and of course I’m not interested in that. Same with creepy, disgusting fetishist scum. Ew.
Well, we will see how it goes now I have announced it!

I was thinking of adding a label for question and answers too. I did make the Q&A page a long time ago, but it really feels like the place where words go to die. A lot of people send me questions over Facebook or in private messages on UTT about my blog and it feels a bit annoying when I deliberately made a section in my blog to ask questions. Now that I have changed the login requirement, I hope that will change!
Not entirely sure what to name the label. The Chamber maybe?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Yesterday’s hair

Hubby and I went to a party yesterday and I wore my hair in a figure 8 bun held with my new speckled grey corian Ketylos that matched the print of my CK shirt.

I ended up taking it down to show the length to some friends. I don’t like doing it unless it’s around people I know and trust. I always feel embarrassed over the attention it receives and that I’m “showing off”, but hey, how often do you see ultra long hair?
It’s still pretty cool you can wrap knee length thick hair up like this in less than 5 minutes.