Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Public service announcement

Since late January this year, I have kept a “buffer” of posts queued up and ready to post. It has allowed me to keep a steady output of posts while in reality my urge to blog and what I have found to blog about have come and gone.
However, at this time I may be without a private internet connection for a while. I don’t know when my new one will be working. I may go to the public library to post, but it is not the same.
So if you’re reading this, it means my internet connection is late and I haven’t been to the library to cancel this scheduled announcement.
So please stand by. I will be back to blogging sooner or later.

Monday, 15 April 2013


There is this stylist in the edge of my social circles that has continued to give me crap for putting my hair up while wet.
Because according to her old wives tales-style logic, it makes my hair rot.
Which of course is stupid, because there is nothing for mould to feed on unless your hair is dirty. Or it is trapped for extended lengths of time under something like a tight weave.
I mean, if water made hair rot, why would we have those fantastic bog bodies?
They spent up to 10 thousand years under water and yet we can still tell how they wore their hair.
Of course all my arguments fall on deaf ears and I will most definitely end up bald!
M-hm. Whatever.
Today I saw her talking to another woman in the edge of my social circles. This one was brushing her wet hair. And the stylist said nothing.
So putting damp hair up will make it rot, but brushing wet hair is completely fine?

Stylist’s logic.