Friday, 16 May 2014

The final haul

I’ve thought a lot about how much longer I should keep growing. I feel my ends are notably thin now, maybe not so much when it’s dry and loose (My hairs tendency for mad volume makes them fluff up) but I feel it’s just too thin to even bother to braid anymore.

I do think it would be kind of cool to see if I could make my hair touch the floor, but that would take me another two years or so if I don’t get any trims.
But going trim-free again is out of the question. With the ends being as thin as they are, I will definitely need some trims to keep them in decent shape.
So with trims, it would take me another three years or so. Just to see my hair touching the floor. Hmm. Doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

But then again, I can always let it grow and see how it goes.
No matter what happens, I can always take it back to the length I was the happiest with: Slightly above mid thigh aka “reach length”.
That was long enough to do all the cool styles I love, and more manageable because I didn’t have to be “creative” to tend to the ends.

Maybe I should just go for some small trims and see how it goes?

That’s the beauty of hair: It just keeps growing if you don’t screw it over too badly.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Today’s hair

Some time ago I found a tutorial for a knotted headband updo. The lady split her hair in two and then literally knotted it along the length before pinning it around her head.

It looked really cute and romantic on her hair, so I knew by experience that it wouldn’t translate to my hair.
(My mane does not do “cute” or “romantic” updos, nuh uh)

I figured maybe it could translate well into a bun, so I made a ponytail, knotted the length and pinned it up.
Well… It’s not like I dislike it. It’s just that it looks like just about any other bun I ever made, more or less.

This requires more experimentation though. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Summer is coming

One of my favourite things about spring/early summer is all the wild flowers around this time. They form a real blanket in places, sometimes even on the manicured lawns of the city parks.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Trim mishap

Here’s what happens if you don’t pay enough attention when you do a S&D… 

Sunday, 11 May 2014


How are your new hair toys working out? Are they heavy at all? Are they sturdy? Adelina
They are awesome! I can absolutely recommend them: Sturdy and super smooth and hair friendly.
You made me curious so I put them on my kitchen scale.
In comparison my butterfly Flexi 8 is 50 gram…

Left to right:
Stick set: 15,5 cm long and 10 grams.
Stick set: 18 cm long and 10 grams. This set is a bit too flexible for my liking. I never had any problems with them not holding my hair up, but they don’t feel “right”.
Fork: 18 cm long and 25 grams. I need to grow into this one, lol!
Small fork: 15,5 cm long and 5 grams. So far this one is my favourite.
Big fork: 15,5 cm long and 5 grams.
(Those two seems to be meant to be used together, but they work perfectly fine alone)
Fork: 15,5 cm long and 5 grams.
Pins: 10,5 cm long and 10 grams for all 4. I have to admit I simply haven’t tried these pins yet…

Please could you do an up to date vitamin regime?Anonymous
Sure. My current vitamin regime is: “Try to remember to take a vitamin, a fish oil and a fibre each day. Shrug and realise you tend to forget it.”
My dedication to a supplement regime comes and goes since I can’t see any difference. At the moment it is just about entirely gone.

How gorgeous! Igor, I forgot what you do for a living--I think it's in the science field---I want to say nursing, but I could have you mixed up with someone else. Anyhow, looks like you had an amazing place to stay at! Darkhorse
Thank you :)
For now, my profession will have to be a secret since it makes me rather easy to recognise IRL.

oh, will try! Btw, I made the mistake of going to a hairdresser the other day. Stupid is as stupid does /face palmrockpaperscissorlizardspock

Ugh. Sorry to hear that! We really should find a time and place where we can meet up and exchange trims :) I have my ridiculously expensive super-scissor ready to go