Saturday, 24 September 2011

Corian Ketylos vs. Dymondwood Ketylos

I found 4 differences between my new 7” corians and my old 7” dymondwoods.

  • They are slightly thicker.
  • The corians are just a smidge heavier: 25 grams for a set as opposed to the 15 grams of my dymondwoods. Not something you notice unless you hold a set of each (Or are curious and stick them on the digital scale like I did)
  • As it shows on the picture, they corkscrew just a little less than the dymondwood. It doesn’t seem to make them “grip” any less when you screw them in though.  
  • The dymondwoods have a much blunter end and stays almost the same thickness through the sticks length where the corians start tapering immediately after the last twist and comes to a much pointier end.  

None of the differences really matter though. You don’t notice any of them when using the sticks. I love the Ketylos for the simple beauty in their design and their beautiful wood/colour. They are extremely wearable and hairfriendly.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Testing my new headband

Hm, it really didn’t photograph well, did it? Weird.

(And it feels like I’m living in braided Nautilus buns. Oh well, they are my go to-style)


Found on the back of a bottle of Elvital volume collagen conditioner:

Anti-flat hair for 24 hours*

* Instrumental test after using Elvital volume collagen shampoo + conditioner + root lifting spray vs. classic shampoo

So if you use the shampoo and the conditioner and a root lifting spray you get more volume than if you just shampoo and don’t do anything further?

Gosh darn it! It’s a miracle product!

(And Hairgrish amuse me)

I’ve got mail!

Well, actually the Ketylos came a few days ago but the cold has been kicking my ass and I’ve felt totally unmotivated to do anything.

The three sets of corian Ketylos. It was really hard to get a picture of the true colours and patterns of these. The light blue ones have small specks too but it didn’t show well on the pictures

Package from Little Orca of LHC and UTT, who blogs here. Isn’t she talented?
(Of course this is a hint that she wants me to steal the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen, lol)

What was inside:

  • Beef jerky. My undisputed favourite snack but unfortunately ridiculously overpriced here. (Which I really don’t understand since according to hubby, they also make it from elk up in the north of Sweden. So, if any kind reader would feel like sending me some…? *Hopeful puppy dog eyes* )
  • Hair treatments, yay! Really looking forward to try these :) 
  • Kitty-card!
  • Scünci bendinis. Looking forward to try these.
  • Swedish fish. Made me chuckle that these were manufactured in Canada, bought in USA and then shipped to a Dane in Sweden!
  • Ouchless headband. Pretty and soft. I will use this a lot :)
  • Argan oil treatment. Argan oil was the big craze some time ago on UTT so I’m really looking forward to try it

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Finding hair-supplies in Sweden

Cassia: Life butiken

Coconut oil: Life butiken, some Ica's and Helse butiken

I found a nice selection of other oils and ACV at Coop, Ica and Willy’s too

Sunsilk leave in conditioner: H&M (But only the H&M at Nova Lund carries it)

V05: Willy’s and ÖoB

(Instant eyelash colour (Love!) from Depend: H&M)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Contents of my bags

There are a few threads on UTT about what emergency hair supplies people carry with them, so I thought maybe people would be interested in seeing the contents of my bag.
After all, if you visit my blog, you must be interested in my narcissistic rambles (Or have been really, really lost due to a weird Google search)

In my shoulder bag

A: My keys. They keystrap is a souvenir from Dreamhack. It also holds an USB-device, a Hello Kitty charm and a pendant that came with my expensive Jaguar S&D scissor.
B: Pen supporting the breast cancer fond.
C: My good old-fashioned paper calendar. I’m a chronic list-maker so this one is what rules my life lol.
D: Disinfectant (hand) wipes.
E: Gum. This one from Läkerol is quickly becoming a favourite. It’s very bag-friendly too!
F: My big slouchy bag bought last year at H&M that I absolutely love. It holds everything!
G: SPF 30 Nivea sun stick, SPF 25 Hawaiians Tropics lip gloss and a Lancôme juicy tube.
H: Ear buds and iPod.
I: Headphones. I prefer the headphones but they tend to make my ears sore after too long.
J: Sunglasses.
K: My wallet. I should have opened it to show the inside. Behind the serious black surface it has bright and happy neon colours!
L: Bus card.
M: Elisabeth Arden 8 hour cream. I’m so not impressed by this one! For such a hyped cream, the results aren’t impressive and neither hubby nor I like the scent.
N: Disinfectant spray in a handy, pretty little pen size
O: Sun lotion factor 15. Not the original content as the convenient, small bottle has been refilled numerous times over the years.
P: Sun protection spray for hair. Not the original content as the bottle has been refilled numerous times over the years. But I haven’t yet found such an efficient spray in such a small bottle form.
Q: Tissues. Never know when these come in handy.
Last row is contents of (R):
R: Makeup bag I got as a gift from Fatamorgana from UTT. It’s so cute!
S: A bit of my usual Lancôme foundation in a small sample jar.
T: Anti blemish gel sample from Vichy.
U: Anti-blemish, anti-redness foundation pen from Vichy.
V: Two sets of backup contact lenses.
X: Emergency comb I got from Isilme from LHC at the first Göteborg meet. It’s too small to be comfortable working with, but it will do in emergencies.
Y: Some different elastics.
Z: Two small clips.
1: Golden clip from Evita Peroni.
2: Perfume from Estee Lauder.
3: Emergency panty liners.

Not in picture but usually in the bag too: My phone (Used for taking the picture) 1-2 books (Mine and hubby’s) a nail file (I wonder where I lost that one?) Hubby’s wallet is often found in here too.  You know you’re married when you always end up carrying your hubby’s stuff around. “Honey, you have a bag. Could you…?”
My cute little 10” HP laptop and its matching case fit in the bag too, yay!

In my gym bag

A: Towel.
B: Bra and sport bra (Yes, I wear both even on a daily basis. It’s a habit from running and I feel naked and uncomfortable without) I always go to the gym wearing my sports bra and sports top underneath my normal clothes so I have less to change and can get out of the changing-room faster. So the bra and sports bra in my bag is what I intend to wear after finishing the workout.
C: Gym shoes from Nike.
D: Gym bag from Adidias.
E: Jazz pants type of pants.
F: Sports top (I change between 3 sets that I like the look of)
G: pre-tied bandanna. Some times I use this just for the pressure-distributing effect for long cardio-sessions wearing headphones.
H: Sports socks.
I: Bandanna type headband. Loose hairs sticking to a sweaty forehead drives me absolutely nuts!
J: My current read. When life nearly died- The greatest mass extinction of our time by Michael J. Benton. I like long cardio sessions on the treadmill at a medium pace and slight incline where I can read. Time just flies!
K: 0,7 litre water bottle. I prefer buying new bottled water ones once in a while instead of using the same old.
L: Best face forward face wash. Not entirely sure I like this one.
M: Biotherm face wash sample. Not entirely sure I like this one either! With my sensitive, easily irritated skin I’m always on the hunt for products that do their job without pissing my skin off.
N: Clinique all about eyes cream.
O: Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion.
P: Viva la diva perfume sample.
Q: Gum. Hm, I do carry a lot of that around with me, don’t I? I really like this one. It’s an “uncomplicated” gum with mint flavour. No weird liquid centre or those little flavour bubble-things or explosion-like freshness.
R: Padlock for the locker and a little belt-clip hanger for the key.
S: Deodorant Fuel for life from Diesel.
T: Elastics. The pink ones match my Nike gym set and the white ones match the Hummel gym set!
U: A single clip for annoying loose bits.