Saturday, 31 October 2015

New tool

I have just placed an amazon order for this:

I've been considering getting a Creaclip for a very long time, but ended up ordering this one from Etude House.
It seems to be the same system: Where a Creaclip set comes with a long, curved clip and a short, straight blue clip, this set comes with a single short, pink clip.

From looking at pictures of the two systems, I'd say the Etude House is an exact copy of the straight Creaclip.

I ended up ordering the Etude House since the Creaclip comes with a white clip I will have no use for. I just need a simple clip for trimming my (thin) ends.

There's something I wonder about though: If this system is designed to cut bangs, why can't you buy a clip that curves around your forehead? Wouldn't a straight clip be interfering with the straightness of your bang-line? A straight clip would make the sides of the bangs longer than the front, right?

Anyways. Tips on "How to train your hubby to trim your hair" would be appreciated!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Today's hair

Hmm. My theory from yesterday didn't seem to hold up.

The five strand braid-base didn't make the buns any flatter really.

And you couldn't even really see the cool detail of the five-stranded braids unless I leaned back a lot.

And even then, it didn't really stand out.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Today's hair

Tomorrow I have to get up really early to do a presentation in Denmark. So I need something I can whip up quickly in a bun, so I can sleep a bit longer.
I did two five strand braid that I'm going to put up in two Nautili buns. I hope the flatter braid-basis will make the buns flatter and more discrete.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Project Paranda part 3

Okay, before I start typing a lot, I will let the picture speak for itself.


Okay, so that didn't work.

It leads me to some conclusions though...

1) The advantage of a traditional Paranda is that you can cut it off where ever it fits you. You don't have to attach and braid it with a lot of precision. Something like this needs to be added and braided with precision, or it will look like crap. Despite the care I took in where I put the elastic and cut off the fibers, it just didn't work.

2) I still think the idea of a four-"legged" Paranda is an idea to keep developing on. If you want to add some fibers for fun or a splash of colour and not to add bulk to your braid, I think it would be a good idea. It would offer the playfulness or contrast before countering the natural taper.

3) I see why the traditional Paranda is popular: The way it's added to the braid makes it very sturdy. No risk of it working itself out of the braid in the beginning when it's secured with three legs the way it is.

4) The longer Paranda, the (Probably) better.

5) I like the idea of artificial hair fibers instead of yarn. But where do I find any long enough for me? The obvious solution is to get an artificial super long wig and turn it into long accent braids...
Something like this, maybe? Depending on where they measure the length, it would be almost as long as my own hair.

Anyways, project Paranda was a fail so far. But even "Okay, that didn't work" is a legitimate result and it has made me come to some useful conclusions.
I will re-try this again later.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Project Paranda part 2

Continued from yesterday..

First of all, here is why the purple extensions don't really work for me.

Good colour for me
Even a good tone
The texture of the fibers aren't too far off from my natural hair

Well... This.Stupid lumpy, scrathy plastic lump to keep the fibers collected.
I'm guessing it's supposed to be one of those extension-types that are supposed to be welded onto your hair or something?

It makes a big "lump" in my hair and even though the plastic is curved so you would think it could fit perfectly around a strand of hair, it doesn't. It works itself out of my braid in a matter of hours and looks really stupid. Bleh.

My tools for the project
Scissor (Regular one, not my extensive S&D one!)
Glass of small silicone elastics
My idea-sketch
Improvised braid-holder
TonyMoly leave in conditioner (Offers too much hold and texture for my hair and ends up tangling it instead, so I figured it would be perfect for this)
And naturally the purple extensions

Setting up the structure. Using plenty of the leave in conditioner to keep it gathered.

The finished result. And... I'm not pleased with it.
No matter how much I messed around with the little extension-pieces, I would get some "chunks" coming out of the braids.
It looked worse in real life than the photo shows!
So I figured the only way to get out of that effect, would be to make a more linear "Paranda" where I add more and more pieces and cut it off before the first pieces pops out. So, more of a traditional Paranda where it ends up taking over the braid and the ends are Paranda only.

So wie man plant und denkt...


Tried to braid one of the strands differently.
Decided I liked that better, even though it means a lot of wasted length....

All 3 strands done differently. It got so short!

Cleaned the ends up a bit. I'll try the "Paranda" tomorrow in a simple braid....