Friday, 27 May 2016

Hair inspiration

I never got the infinity bun to work for me, so I hoped these simple instructions worked for me.
Well... They sort of didn't.
First of all, I couldn't get any pins or scroos to hold my hair at all, so I tried with a Ron Quattro fork.
I couldn't really tell what she did at step #8, but at #7 it looked like she just tucked the tail under?
Anyways: It got pretty lopsided. And wasn't pretty at all. Hmpf.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Personal success

I generally try to keep my blog on track: It was made as a personal "scrapbook" for my own hair, but some beauty stuff and other off-topic stuff tends to sneak in there.

But, today I have to share a personal success story: I survived the dentist today!

Okay, you need a little more background to understand why it's important to me...
I'm terrified of the dentist.
Like, scared shitless.

Before moving out from my parents', I had encountered two dentists. One of the regular family variety and one for braces.

The regular one was just plain useless. I was never sedated enough and by now Every. Single. Filling. he ever did has either just fallen out or had to be drilled out because an even worse cavity was forming underneath it, from not having been fixed right in the first place.
Completely useless.

The one for the braces was known among all the children in the area for being completely crazy. Everyone knew it: Even if you just went there for an assessment, you would leave with braces. No one escaped. Ever.
So of course I had to have braces too. And I suffered the headaches and shredded lips for 6 years. The result? Well, not much. Looking back I can't see why I needed them in the first place.
Oh, and my bite got too narrow after all those years (Funny how that happens when you keep tightening a brace like that! Shocker.) so I was fitted with a retainer for some years after that.
Sort of to get my teeth back to where they were before.

Like I said: I have my reasons to fear dentists.

After a while it becomes a Pavlovian response and not something you can actually control.

Today I went to the dentist to have a tooth fixed. A piece of it had fallen out some time ago and it looked and felt exactly like if someone had cut a piece out of a cake.
Of course it turned out that it was a cavity formed under the crappy work of dentist #1 which had undermined the tooth and broken off. Shocker.

It was seriously terrifying, especially since the dentist and the dental nurse said it wouldn't be easy (gulp) but I survived!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Last week in hair

Why did I rinse my hair out the other day? I might as well just have left it in.
I repeat what I did Saturday, only with adding an Lador ampoule. Then put the same pyjamas back on and go back in front of the computer.

Hubby is coming home today.

Good news
I have done a lot of work on my project and is ahead of time now. Maybe we can even have a little vacation together now that Hubby can travel again?
Bad news
I have played foul bachelorette frog for like 5 days in total. I have spent an unholy amount of time on 4chan. The apartment is a mess with pizza cartons, takeout boxes and empty soda bottles everywhere. Whoops. I probably ruined all my dieting now. Also, I barely saw sunlight since Friday.

So... Cleaning. Finish washing hair. Prepare nice dinner (Mixed, oven roasted vegetables, steaks, fried mushrooms and whiskey sauce) and pick Hubby up.

Hubby doesn't have to know. Unless he reads my blog.

Hair? Braided nautilus.

Near the bus hub in the middle of Lund, there is a little bubbly pool. Quite often there is at least one duck there. It's pretty funny how much they love their water. People, dogs and traffic? No problem, we have water!

Just when I was about to take a picture, they decided to take off. I though the picture was ruined, but it turned out pretty cool!

Hair is in a Chinese bun.

I intended a deep conditioning with Schwarzkopf Gliss million gloss conditioner. But it turned out to be one of those conditioners that starts dripping intensely much after a few minutes. Just a minute after I had finished wrapping it up in cling wrap and putting the heating cap over, it started dripping like crazy. 
I don't know what it is, but some conditioners have a crazy dripping going on. It's like the product separate once it comes into contact with hair? 
Anyways, my intended deep conditioning turned into just 20 minutes. Couldn't stand any more.
To make everything even more irritating, the conditioner didn't even add any real shine. Total fail product!

Hair is feeling pretty slippery and unmanageable, maybe I didn't rinse it out enough?
I put it up in a simple braid.

Nurse-friend send me the picture underneath with a joke about how much it looks like me.
She. Is. Gorgeous.
There is so much I love about the picture: The "hime" style short parts. That her hair is longer than the skirt. The hint of waves or curls.
It doesn't happen a lot that I'm jealous of someones hair like this.
Does anyone know this woman? Does she have a blog?

Hair is in yesterdays braid, wrapped up in a nautilus bun.

It's cold and windy, but I decide to do something fun with my toenails and wear sandals out anyways. 
The result was too shiny to capture, but it's a pink snakeskin-like pattern with shiny silver details. 
Trampy toes :)

Hair is in a figure 8 bun.

I'm really happy I got through reviewing some of the products that I've had around forever. It was beginning to make me feel bad I had so many products piled up in the "to review"-pile. Although I am very surprised at how bad the cosdna analysis of the cholesterol product was!

Hair is back in a simple braid.

Hubby annoyed me today, so I whacked him with my braid. Somehow I managed to get my braid right into his eye. Whoops.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Dark 'n lovely ultra cholesterol

A new Asian/African store opened in my neighborhood. Of course I had to go check it out and... *drumroll* they carry products for African hair! 
My hair absolutely loves cholesterol, so I had hoped they had a better selection. But any cholesterol seems to be good cholesterol. 
Since I'm stuck in a geographical area where most people have fine and thin hair, this is a welcome treat for my hair!

COSDNA spat out the worst analysis I've seen so far. Yikes!

Due to this I won't use it alone in my hair, but will add a bit of it to another conditioner.

Why couldn't this have had a better ingredient list? *cries*