Thursday, 2 August 2012

Really long Q&A post

First of all, a reader emailed me some days ago. I read the email and meant to reply to it, but I absolutely cannot find it again!
Either I accidentally deleted it or I have gone blind, but I really can’t find it and I’m very, very sorry!
So if this and “Ficcare” rings a bell to you, please email me again so I can have your mail address!

This updo accidentally found its way onto my head today. I'd never thought about doing a couple figure 8's. I love double buns.
I’m so happy I could inspire you!
They are very comfortable for me, maybe because the weight is distributed more evenly?

That's awesome and brave you!!!
I think my Hubby was the brave one getting so close to the braid-club in action, haha.

Can you make cholesterol treatments or are they something you have to buy? I searched around for information on them in the past without finding much on them. I like things I can make myself.
I mostly buy my cholesterol treatments. So far I’ve found them only in “black hair” products and they all advertise cholesterol on the label. Of course it becomes a real problem to actually find any when 99% of hair products you can find are for the typical fine and thin Scandinavian hair.
However, I have never been able to find any numbers on how much cholesterol these treatments actually contain!
Can anyone help with information here?
But what you can do is to add raw egg yolks to any normal conditioner. One raw egg yolk contains 210-215 mg cholesterol (Depending on source) I usually add two to a treatment. Of course you may want to avoid this if your hair dislikes protein, which the yolks also contain.
Based on my experiences, two yolks contain less cholesterol than the cholesterol treatment (And that probably isn’t a surprise to anyone) Just remember to not add any heat and rinse in lukewarm water if you use the egg yolks!!

In regards to your blister...I *think* there is a band aid you can get that is actually glue--whether it coats the blister, I'm not sure, but they are water proof and my sister in law uses this over tradition band aids as she cooks/bakes a lot and gets cuts on her fingers. Not sure if it would work for your blister but might be worth looking into?? Can't wait to see what your mane looks like after your pamper treatment :)
Aha, maybe I should look around at a pharmacy? The blisters have both healed enough that I can function normally now without using the band aids, so that’s great! But it’s good to know for the future. I will look!
Right now it is “resting” in an increasingly messy braid to let it settle down after the deep treatment, but when I take it down to handle it tomorrow I can take pictures.

Lady Igor! Omg, I just found your wonderful blog and even more wonderful hair by youtube! That braid is PERFECT! Mayebe you would like to check out my blog, too, if the google tanslator works ;) Hugs from Germany!
Ich habe deinen Blog gelesen und ich habe es wirklich genossen. Dein Haar hat eine wirklich wunderbare, satte Farbe! Ich denke, ich kenne deine Mähne ... Warst du vielleicht am LHC? Haha, überlassen es den langhaarigen, sich gegenseitig von der Rückseite zu erkennen!
(And I don’t think I need Google translate, even though my last class in German was over ten years ago?)

Your head coverings are lovely. :)
Thank you!
If you like my head coverings, maybe you would be interested in my newest website discovery:
I really adore her style! She manages to keep them modern, sleek and interesting and not having them over decorated. I will definitely try to reproduce some of her styles. Her attitude and outlook on life is definitely worth a read too. Her blog/site is very high on my list of priorities right now and I plan to sit down with a cup of tea when I have an evening with plenty of undisturbed time.
Of course it leaves me with one important realisation: I don’t have enough scarves!

I actually have a similar list of no crap allowed when it comes to haircare, maybe I should write it down on the blog. Thank you for posting this! Having sensitive skin myself, sometimes it's really hard to decide where to start when it comes to skin products.
I read it! Good post!
I’m really happy my thoughts could be of any use.

Sounds like a fun way to see a movie. I've never heard of an outdoor movie festival before. Like Rita and Darkhorse, I love the blue scarf! I bought some tie dye fabric a few months ago to cut into scarves. People don't get the wrong idea when you are wearing those. Unless you object to being pegged as a hippie, of course.
Heh, I don’t have a problem with that. Well, I guess you can’t stop people from believing what they want to believe about you anyways?
“Hippie” is better than “covering her hair because she thinks her hair leads men into temptation”, right? Hmm.

Hey! You got your new phone!!
Yes! And I love it!
My personal recommendation that Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro is a wonderful phone worth buying!

Interesting! Found this link on youtube of a yoga instructor trying 3 different hair styles.

Now, her hair is very fine and way shorter than ours, but as a yoga instructor, it was interesting and thought of sharing this with you in the hopes you might try some different yoga hair styles to help us all! hahahaah Might even be an ideal youtube video to make if you want (for yoga hair styles, not doing yoga with the hair styles ;) )
Thank you for sharing! If you don’t mind, I’m just going to leave it “out here” to see if anyone else find it of use too.

I love the blue scarf!! Do you not find them hot though? I find anything covering my head, even cotton that breaths, makes me quite hot. I love those movies!! We have drive ins---while you use your car, many people opt to sit in the back of trucks on lawn chairs to watch them. I LOVE going to the drive-in!! So much fun! You have to sneak in food, but it's still a blast. We've been in the midst of a heat wave for almost 2.5 months and JUST got rain this week. 7 weeks no rain until this week and it's been brutal!! Temps up to 42-45C with humidex. I've been covering my hair as much as possible, but the ends are a good shade lighter than the roots--my hair dresser said not to bother coloring it fully until the late fall, after summer when the sun isn't so strong.
Hot? Hm, I guess not. Maybe I subconsciously dress less hot when I cover my hair.
Well, now that I think about it, that will make a lot of sense since I deliberately dress in ways that are not typically “religious” when I cover my hair. Which means I go for the thinner and more fitted short instead of a bigger and heavier T-shirt… Yea, I think that must be it?

I love the blue sarong thing used as a hair scarf, brilliant! And the design is very summer-y and easily recognizable, it should take a lot of the religious vibe to it (for those who still see it like that) They sell a lot of those around here, never thought of their potential as headwear. Cool! It's adorable how you match the headwrap to the rest of the outfit, I don't know a lot of people that bother to coordinate, so it's a pleasure to see someone else doing it ^^ Looks like you had a really nice time too =] I only watched an outdoor movie once, it was a really old B&W movie about Lisbon, and there was no sound so there was a musician playing the piano =D
Thank you! I agree about the recognisable design. That and the good size of it is the reason this is one of my favourite “scarves”.
I once read the tip of matching your headwear to your shoes if possible because a viewer subconsciously draw an invisible line between the head and the feet and it makes you appear taller and slimmer. I have no clue if it actually is so, but I tend to do it anyways, haha!

I love all of your science-y posts. Probably my favorite posts have been the ones on head coverings. And I can't get enough of your hair. I guess I will like most anything you post about, really!
I’m blushing!

Oh! No no---I think you were right to cause people to be aware that not all dandruff shampoos deal with direct dandruff. Also, it's important to diagnose correctly. Many hair dressers say that people suffer from dry scalp, not dandruff. So, it's a good thing for people to be more aware of dandruff and it's root cause (pardon the pun!) In fact, many dandruff sufferers will have it on their forehead past their hair line and into their eyebrows (as I do) which for me, blends into eczema. I only get this when mega stressed and it's a pain--especially a patch of eczema over my left eyelid. Knowledge is what you are professing Lady Igor and that's exactly what I applaud. Know what you are doing/putting onto your body. Also, from someone with sensitive skin myself in a different manner, I urge people to look at ingredients only AFTER you've had a reaction. Then, you can log what ingredients might be the culprit. I found after several products, I was allergic to blue dyes. So, anything
Speaking of applauding knowledge…!

Ouch!! What kind of yoga are you doing? I've found that I do a loose braid and knot it, and when we start to work on our backs, I quickly change the style to a top knot. Course, my hair is half the length and thickness yours is, but it works. I'm interested in any crown braids because that was my next step. Or a high bun like this. Do you find when on your back, your chin pushes into your chest because of your hair? That is my biggest issue right now. How are you liking yoga? Aside from the blisters ;)
I have no clue! It’s called “power yoga” on the program, so I’m guessing it’s a mash-up of some more energetic yoga forms? I wasn’t completely convinced about the whole yoga thing at first, but it does something to the body, doesn’t it? I go with Chemist Friend and we both found we sleep really, really well the night after our class. I mostly go for the “sleep effect” and because it’s good training for my balance which I find isn’t too good. Chemist Friend says the same thing, but I guess we both have a real case of “office muscles and coordination”. Hah…
Yep, exactly the pose you described and the disturbing of the pose… It wasn’t the bun itself though, but the sticks that got in the way. I tried holding it up with a Flexi but my megaflexies were too large to get a proper tension going. I think a smaller Flexi may have worked, but I’m not planning to buy any more Flexies, at least not for now. (Still haven’t forgiven them for their rudeness!)

It would be interesting to see pictures from your local area.
I shall see what I can do! We’re planning to go to some “local” caves on the 11th so at least that should be interesting.

"But I guess there is a limit to how much scientific, useful and enlightening hair stuff I have to post." I beg to differ! I love to read your geeky sciency comments and I'm a little in love with your science entries here. Even the biotin rant, which for a rant, is pretty damn relevant and a valuable lesson for anyone. I've seen people in different forums complaining about sharing good advice but not being "heard", truth is, I always read those, but don't reply because in all honesty, there's nothing I could add. Maybe I should make an effort to acknowledge those? So far I've enjoyed all your entries (even the more dramatic ones on UTT). I think that it can be quite a pleasure to read something more personal about our online acquaintances. Not everything is about hair, that's what I like the most about your blog and everything has reading value ^-^
Gosh, I really appreciate that!
(No further message because I don’t think I have anything intelligent to add to that statement)

Actually, anti-dandruff shampoos do address the issue at hand. It's just the instructions are not given clearly. Having dealt with dandruff for most of my life, and having had a horrid bout so extreme my hair was falling out, I can say that there are different levels of dandruff and many times, it's dry scalp. Dandruff hurts, your scalp is inflamed and the dandruff is hard, itchy and painful if it is a bad flare. Doctor prescribed drops will be needed to alleviate this. It was the worst thing I've ever had--the itching and pain, not to mention the handfuls of hair I lost. Good news. Hair grows back. Stress and diet affected me, but largely stress. Dandruff lies below the scalp. What many people don't realize is that you must let the product sit on your scalp for a minimum of 2 minutes to let it 'soak' in. Yeah--ever smelled that stuff??? Nizoral worked for a medium outbreak (NOT recommended for color treated hair). It was the least offensive odor and I needed to tie a scarf around
Since I have no experience with dandruff (I think?!) I leave your careful explanation out in the post for people to read. This is valuable information for anyone who has dandruff or scalp issues!

I think that whatever you wish to post, is fine. I mean, it's your blog and you can always fill it with whatever you choose. Your location is gorgeous so seeing it is always lovely. Skin related issues is also relevant as we've all had our own issues (yes, I too am someone who picks at things/cuts away things/blisters/etc. Especially popping water blisters ;) ) Thoughts, theories, anything you feel like sharing I'm sure your readers will enjoy. It's nice to read people who think similarly to how I do. Course, I'd love to see all the photos pre cut of your hair--you said you did some crazy stuff with it--you have me curious. :)
Thank you!
(Yay, a fellow skin-picker!)
I will have to look next time I’m at my parents place. I went through the paper pictures I have and only found a picture from about two months after my dramatic head shave. I guess I tend to take pictures instead of being in them...

I hate ppl, ppl are stupid. That's my very mature 2 cents.  
And I maturely laughed.

Oooh! Nice phone!!! I pray UPS doesn't wreck it!! I'm lucky I was able to go to the store and upgrade my phone for free, and handle all the phones--I knew I wanted a blackberry, and am thrilled/in love with it. Had it for over a year. I need keys--the iphones are sooo hard to text with. Cross fingers your new phone comes to you without injury!Darkhorse
I agree! I bought one of those clever things once and the touch screen keyboard pissed me off so much I went back to my “horribly outdated” Nokia!

A friend of mine once said hot oil will ruin your hair 'because it fries it'. Like french fries. I had to laugh and say 'well, if I used oil that hot, I wouldn't have hands or hair left!" It's not their fault :D
Yea, sure it would fry… If you heated it up to the fry-frying temperature! Strangely people believe heat protection serums will protect your hair from the equally hot flat iron….

You might have just changed my life here.
Yay, so happy I could help. It’s such a quick little beauty trick and it does so much for so long.

Yay!! Igor, the braid is looking fabulous. I dream of a tassel like yours! Okay, it's a bit early to tell if you will be able to replicate the same result, but I hope you will :)
Thank you!
I will be putting up some more pictures of it soon.

Stop. Being. So. Sexy.
Don’t make me smack you with my wildly swinging braid!

I'm interested in seeing how the reverse U looks like without the braid. Braid is LOVELY!!!!
Thank you!
More detailed pictures are on my to do-list.

Thank you Ida, for taking time and answering so thoroughly about my hair/scalp issue. You're right, I maybe should wash with colder water and see if it helps. Other than that, I'm going to get my hands on some cassia. I remember that I used it a long time ago and that it really helped with my itchy scalp, I don#t know why I tend to forget about it. Thanks for the reminder.
I really hope you get your problem scalp to relax!
(I tend to forget my cassia treatments too. I wonder why? Is there something “forgettable” about cassia?!)
Big hug to you!

Hiya Igor, I get cholesterol treatments in London at the Pak's haircare store. I go into the actual shop, but if you shop online, it would be great for you. International delivery is from £2. I use Le Kair Cholesterol, but there is also: - this is the one I want to try! This is the full Pak's cholesterol treatment list: hope that helps! Lovi (from LHC)
Thank you for the tip, Lovi! That’s good to know where I can find some. I had been thinking of ordering some from somewhere since I simply can’t find it in stores here, so it’s good to know where to even start looking. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Unexpected compliment of the day

A guy about my age approached me today in the bus on the way to a gym class. He had taken a picture of my braided Nautilus bun and wanted to file share it to my phone.

Funny, in retrospect I should be creeped out he took a picture without asking me first, but I’m not. He didn’t completely do a “hit n run” compliment but it was close enough not to get me uncomfortable with the situation.

Ironically I get a compliment on a day where my hair is being a hot mess! It’s weird, slippery and generally a pain and kept up in a pinching and fuzzy braided Nautilus. I’ve kept it in a simple braid since my protein and oil treatment to let it settle down on its own. The only reason I wrung it up in a bun was that I was going to the gym and needed it out of my way. 

It’s funny, years ago I would have been completely overjoyed getting a compliment like this, but now it just leaves me mildly embarrassed.

I guess it comes with having had long hair so many years that it has become a part of “me” and I don’t see it as special anymore? 

Monday, 30 July 2012

Wash day

When I did my stupid blister-stunt, my hair was already a few days past greasy. I’ve since avoided long showers to keep from softening up the skin and ruining the blister band aids. So that would be 5 days plus a few past greasy…

But now I just couldn’t avoid the wash anymore. My scalp was simply disgusting. Tingly, itchy and flaky.
Of course I could carefully CO wash a couple of times and get rid of the ickyness, but I felt lazy.

So I borrowed Hubby’s shampoo and was glad I did. It took me two shampoos to get any bubbling going on! Ew.

My poor scalp wasn’t too happy afterwards. It gets so dry and cranky after shampoo.

Then I did a SexySmurf with some leftovers and two egg yolks for a few hours.

Sigh, now I’m out of cholesterol treatment. My hair has an unusually strong love for cholesterol but it’s impossible to find around here, so I have to ration it when I’m lucky enough to get my hands on some. This tub was a gift from Biologist Friend who brought it back from the US with her.

And as usual after a thorough deep conditioning, my hair is super cranky and pissed off. Good thing I know that’s a completely normal reaction or I would have been freaking out.

And then for a slight experiment: I’ve had great success with using a protein conditioner first and following with moisture. It’s like the second conditioner “binds” better if you give it some protein first.

I’m going to try protein first and then see if oil will bind better too. I’m trying equal parts argan, coconut and macadamia oil in a Nodosaurus over night. 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Today’s hair

Well, another ”Actually yesterdays hair”. Maybe I should just give up and call it that?
I went out with Hubby, Chemist Friend and Hubby’s Work-buddy to see Spiderman and eat at a cute little cafeso another night coming home too late to bother making it ”Today’s hair”.

Double figure 8 buns held with 4 small claw clips and two small hair scroos.