Friday, 18 May 2012

The Nodosaurus

This is very close to the Ankylosaurus, but since it doesn’t have the “club”, I’m naming it the Nodosaurus.

You need
  • A bandage
  • A plastic bag
  • Conditioner or treatment of your choice
  • Wear something you don’t mind too much getting spills on. I went with my pyjamas

Braid your hair normally down to about shoulder length.

Add conditioner or treatment to the hair and braid it.

Poke a “hole” in the braid around where you started adding the treatment. I have my thumb through here.

Hook the end of the braid up though itself.

Pull a plastic bag over and wrap it around the length.

Wrap the bandage around the bag and up the braid with “normal” tension.

Then wrap over wrapping tightly to encourage the treatment to be distributed and pushed into the braid. Wrap the bandage above the bag as well to make sure that any accidental “spill” will be absorbed by the bandage and not your clothes or bed linen!

It’s more convenient and less heavy than the Ankylosaurus. You will be able to sleep normally while doing a deep conditioning, unless you sleep on your back. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Reverse U shape for long hair?

I’ve had this idea rattling around in my head for quite a while:  
Would a reverse U shape be the perfect haircut for a longhair who wears the hair up a lot?
I wear braids a lot but I often find myself being unhappy with the taper. I want them to stay thick all the way down!

The natural taper is accented by the braid-parts having to first “travel” around the head to get to the back where it will be gathered into the braid. Naturally since the hair from the front has to take that “detour” it will “run out” first when braiding and the tassel will be mostly the braid-part from the back of the head.
The same happens for any buns as well: The hair has to go around before being gathered into a bun. When my hair was short the layers actually helped me secure a bun, but now at knee length a near-blunt cut has been just fine.
So would it be beneficial for a longhair wearing a lot of braids to maintain a reverse U shape?
Now that I think about it, actually what you should do it have a slightly shorter “under layer” instead since the hair from the top of your scalp also needs to “travel” a bit too. Especially if you wear Dutch or French braids where the top is lifted and shaped.
Maybe the ideal shape isn’t as much a “revere U shape” but a slightly shorter under layer for a section of your hair?  

Something like the green rectangle, maybe with the top slightly arched instead?
I think I might go for this some time after I have walked for the modelling. But of course this raises a few questions?

Would it thicken up my braids all the way down?
Would it make my buns less stabile?
Would I notice a shorter under layer when my hair is down?
Would I be happy with this?

And… How in the world would I explain this to a stylist?