Friday, 18 April 2014

Night owls

The new Night Owls in action

I’m probably the only one who will ever notice that the “sticks” are fitted to opposite sides, but I like it!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Home is where the heart is

Or in my case: Where hubby is and my workload isn’t.
It’s good to be home.
And it’s good to have had a little time to do nothing in.
It’s been a long time where whenever I even had the time to blog, I just couldn’t be bothered.
I feel like my muse is back.

Comic from the always awesome Oglaf.

Monday, 14 April 2014

New Flexies

I took my chances to order some new Flexies. A fairly complicated order and I had my worries about how they would manage, but it worked well.
This time I ordered from instead of the Flexi homesite.

Left row, top to bottom, all megaflexies:

  • Tree of life
  • Soaring butterfly purple iris (This one is seriously hard to photograph!)
  • Blossom drops
Right row, top to bottom, all extra large:

  • Night owls, one mounted for left-handed and one for right-handed so I can use them for double buns (These are also seriously hard to photograph!)
  • Dream catchers, also with one for left and one for right

I was impressed they got the details right, but the downside was that they got me in imports!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

New length shot

I really see the thinness in the ends now. They’re just not worth my time to braid anymore.

I think I might just maintain here for a while, see if the ends will thicken up a bit or not.



Since Hubby took the pictures, here are the obligatory “random” shots

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Nautilus bun

The other day I realised that although the braided Nautilus is my absolutely most used and most loved updo, I have never, ever done a non-braided version before.

Weird, huh?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Feeling incredibly sorry for myself

I have overworked my Achilles tendon. Too much walking and standing for too many hours during the day and not allowing it to rest.
To precise, I have damaged it where it attaches to the bone.
I have had problems with my Achilles tendon before, back when I used to run a lot. I think something almost all runners go through at some point. But the issue has always been higher up, in the tendon itself.
The attachment pain has been one of the most painful injuries I’ve ever experienced.

Usually I factor in if you can relieve the pain too, for instance when I broke my tailbone it “rated” as more painful than my complicated ankle fractures (That ended my running “career”) because there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stabilise or relieve the pain from a broken tailbone. And the cystic acne breakout I got from a biotin overload felt more painful than when I impaled my hand on some broken glass because it was right there in my face, just like a papercut on a fingertip can be much more painful than a deeper cut some other place.

But yea, the attachment pain to the Achilles tendon? Brutal. I could feel how cold sweat broke out just from having to work the pedals in my car, despite having eaten the painkillers I had with me in my bag. I think it’s been like 3 years since last I had to take any…
The doctor prescribed me some seriously strong painkillers. They make everything feel a little soft to the touch.

To add insult to injury I have overworked the adductor longus in my thigh from limping so much. I’m actually kind of impressed I managed to do that!

Well, I take it as a hint that I need to relax a bit, so I took today and tomorrow off. Spent most of the day doing gloriously nothing. Watched too many silly videos, spent unhealthily much time on 4chan and generally saw way too many memes and funny images for one day.

After having done lots and lots of nothing, I started going through my pictures. I’ve taken a lot of pictures over the summer. Hair pictures intended for the blog too. “For when I have the time…”. Hah, who knew I had to wait almost until winter before I found the time for them?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Still alive

Hi everyone!
Been a while, haven’t it?
Nothing much has changed… Still crazy busy, still doing benign neglect. Although I’m beginning to wonder where the “benign” part ends.
That’s part of the reason I made a new page… Figured it would be interesting to see how my routine changes over time. If nothing else it could be interesting to compare routines later to my bordering on actual neglect-current one.
I can’t wait to get more time on my hands. My free time definitely isn’t free as I have about a hundred things on my “should do” list. (That list that is my list of things I theoretically would like to get through should I ever get done with my “to do” list) As things are now I find myself answering skype messages even from my Hubby just because it’s stressing me out and I’m desperate for the damn flashing to go away.

I was spending a bit of time on UTT today and found myself reading the Would you rather game, hair edition-thread. I found a clear pattern in it: The members of UTT would rather lose some length than take overall damage through the length. It made me pretty happy: These people know what’s up with haircare and they don’t believe in any of the weird crap you can find on other sites. Such a difference from other places like youtube where expensive, complicated and time consuming hair care ideas run rampant.
No particular reason for mentioning this, no deeper meaning… I just found it refreshing and awesome.

To make up for this lame post, here are a couple of links I stumbled upon today

Haha, I still remember some of this!

Some of these are cute and could be done without too much trouble…

From one of my daily E-stops, B for Bel

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


…I have found the time to re-upload all my pictures to a new (And functioning) site.
Now I just need to find the time to re-link all the pictures on my blog. Yea, that doesn’t sound like a massive amount of work, does it…?

Anyways. Here are my latest length shot back from August 15th (Or so), re-uploaded so you can actually see them! 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cute videos and a sad story

Unfortunately there was no happy ending for this…
A co-worker found this little swallow flapping around helplessly on the parking lot. Since I have experience taking care of (injured) birds, I took it in.
I think this is a big baby that just wasn’t ready to fly, or was exhausted and landed on the parking lot. Swallows cant take off from the ground, so it ended up flapping around helplessly and probably got further dehydrated.

It spent most of the first day in my care just sleeping, so I guess it was exhausted. I cut up a sock to put it in and carried it around inside my shirt. That always calms little birds down :)
A friend volunteered hunting insects with me and force-feeding the little guy or girl and I even bought mealworms for when I just couldn’t catch any other insects (Must have given the neighbours some good laughs at that!!)
The little swallow became quite tame as you can see!

I researched how to release swallows and tried releasing it twice each day I had it in my care, but it just fell helpless to the ground again.
“We” even did flying-exercises together (lol) and it “hopped” around on the floor like a bat, so it seemed like it really tried it’s best to gain strength and get to fly again.

I really thought he or she would make it and I could get to release it successfully some day, but on the third day I came home from work to it being cold and dead. It made me very sad… 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Progress. Or not.

The upload issue has cost me more time and energy than expected.
Step 1: Chose a new upload site.
After much research, I chose a place called Shutterfly. It had great reviews. Free, no upload limit and no size limit. Seemed perfect.
Step 2: Renaming pictures.
When I first started taking hair pictures and uploading them, I didn’t always know what styles would “stick”.For instance when I first saw a Celtic knot I thought it would be my most favourite style ever. 

But since it only looks like a slightly lumpy Chinese bun when I do them, that didn’t happen. I had a lot of braided Nautili buns stuck under “Updo xxxx” since I didn’t think that one bun would become my go-to.
In general, most of my pictures needed an extra “0” in the file name to keep them ordered or some renaming that made more sense.
Step 3: Sort in categories for easy upload.
Makes it easier when I have to find pictures again too.
Step 4: Upload everything to new site.
Phew, good thing I didn’t have to upload them one at the time!
Step 5: Insert new picture address in old broken images.
I decided to start with a brand new picture and take a length shot.
…Only to discover that Shutterfly doesn’t allow you to link a picture as easily as I expected. At least not in full size. And what’s the [bleep]ing point then? Sure I can make albums and invite people to see them, but why can’t I just stick my full sized picture in a simple [IMG]?
[Bleep] you, Fluttershy. [Bleep] you, [Bleep] you, [Bleep] you!

Anyways. Here are the largest pictures [bleep]ing Fluttershy allowed me to post.
(Including the weird white BS on the sides taking up room)

I think I’m actually getting close to terminal length. My growth appears to stall and the ends are getting pretty thin.
Oh well, another thing to take a look at when I have more time.