Link collection

There are some links to (Blogger) blogs in the right side of my own blog, but here are a few more to give you inspiration…

Karen Marie of Stressless Tresses has an absolutely fantastic link-collection, so go here to take a look if you really want some reading material!
Link I
Link II

For the German speakers

Awesome updos here by Franny

Cinnamons website

A link to learn about proteins and what they really do in your hair

Forum/website about gray hair. Very inspiring and encouraging for those wanting to keep their naturally beautiful gray hair

Good blog with lots of interesting and cool up dos. Very inspiring!

A resource for lots of up dos. it’s a bit strange to navigate, but none the less a good reference

Good ingredient dictionary

The long hair loom. I never really made friends with the navigation here, but it’s a very popular resource

Not really a source you can “use” as such, but it’s very entertaining and sometimes enlightening to look through

Facts about red hair. Some of them are wrong, but it’s still an entertaining read

The Mythbusters of beauty stuff!

The hair raising truth about hair straighteners. Worth reading and passing on to people!

A good resource for covered hair styles. With none of the disgusting preachiness that most sites for covered hair styles usually has

A really good read for super-curly hair. Inspiring and fun for everyone, not just curlies

And of course my beloved UTT!