Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday the 10th of August

Right now I have the length ”marinating” in a mixture of an egg yolk, some cholesterol treatment and some regular conditioner containing protein.

Following advice on UTT I bought hemp seed oil to try in a few days.

My hair had been pretty irritated for about a month: Tangled slightly more than usual, ends felt dry and the roots gloss-less. So I reached for shampoo a few days ago. It’s funny though; right after shampooing my hair always feels really “thin” and flat. The shampooing fixed the issues: My hair now feels smooth, shiny and happy.
I think I shampoo maybe once or twice a year and I really like that using “harsh methods” is just simple, normal shampoo… :)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Yesterday’s hair

Yesterday we went to Copenhagen with one of hubby’s childhood friends and his girlfriend. Although it wasn’t a hot day and still had some clouds, I decided to cover my hair to protect my scalp and hair from the sun.

I really like the “ponytail” effect and that it doesn’t look “religious”. It held all day with no problems other than the usual bit of slipping from the pre-tied bandanna not being entirely big enough for my bun.

The under-scarf is a pre-tied bandanna from and the over-scarf is a Tichel from the same place.

My hair is in a braided Nautilus bun held with a megaFlexi.

I slipped the pre-tied bandanna on and pushed it back a bit as I find covering more of my ears drastically reduces my hearing. Left the “tails” hanging down. Folded the Tichel into a triangle and folded it back a few times into a wide headband. Slipped it over the under-scarf and tied it up and around the bun. Then folded the length of the scarf out. Crossed the two “tails” under the bun and tied them up and around.