Friday, 23 March 2012

Seriously disappointed in Hairsense, part II

After not having emailed me a confirmation (And then hinted to that it was my own email that was at fault when pressed for information) and basically written lolcat to me (By the owner!) I thought I was done being disappointed in Hairsense.    
Well, I honestly wasn’t completely thrilled with the combs either. They have traces of teeth marks from sawing (?) between the teeth and they have obviously been sanded down, but only on the surface, not between the teeth.

But 15 minutes ago, after having put my freshly WO-washed hair up in a braid with some leave in-conditioner and using my dedicated “After detangling, use for distribution of leave in-conditioner and putting hair up”-comb, I tried to remove the few shed strands that are always caught in the comb.

Only to find that one little clump of hair was somehow stuck in the teeth.

I have owned this comb for a grand total of a week and used it five times in total.

I could not be more disappointed in Hairsense than I am right now.

Never, ever going to let them have any of my money again.
Who knows how much of my hair has been ripped to shreds by this nasty split??

Fish oil and vanity

I’m not really sure what to think of fish oil/omega 3 supplements. It has been on pretty much permanent trial with me ever since I first started taking supplements. It seems to be one of those “super foods” that always gets praised for being good for…Well, just about everything?

I’ve been taking it half for my hair “Because everyone else are doing it!” and half for my really crappy ankle that hurts in the winter cold (Multiple fractures that haven’t been set right because the arrogant and uninterested doctor in the ER decided it was “just a sprain” and I was just being a baby and wanted attention. No, I don’t like doctors, why do you ask?)

But in the time I’ve been taking fish oil I never really felt it actually made a difference at anything. I kept taking it on a “trial basis” for years though.

Gosh, that makes me sound dimwitted and sheep-like, doesn’t it?

But to defend myself, omega 3 supplements do seem to be good for a lot in the body. It seems to be one of those supplements you “should” take if you decide to take supplements.

I was supposed to bring a new bottle of fish oil home with me from Denmark, but it turned out to contain vitamin E so I didn’t want it.

I’ve been out of fish oil since then and haven’t gotten myself around to restock.

Can’t say I’ve noticed any difference though.

But yesterday I was reading a magazine at the gym (On the treadmill) and there was an article about fatty acid imbalance causing skin problems and omega 3 supplements relieving trouble skin. My skin has been acting up lately, but since its standard setting seems to be somewhere between “Troublesome” and “Total-bitch-freakout” it wasn’t something I was thinking about. Could it be because I haven’t taken my supplement for weeks?

Could I finally have found a real reason to take omega 3 supplement?

I’m going to place an order for some soon and we will see. Hmm…

Protein and vanity

I’ve been trying to get serious with the fitness for a while. I got an invitation to fitocracy from Gwen in the UTT fitocracry thread and it’s been seriously motivating to me. Funny how tools and toys like this always helps you stay focused. Like it isn’t good enough just to go because it makes you happy and healthy?
I’d like to get fitter and lose some fat. I’m really tired of being too big for my clothes and feeling out of shape.

Anyways. I was thinking about making a “set” diet to lose the fat, but I’m a little weird when it comes to that. I’ve tried the calorie counting thing and it Does. Not. Work. For. Me. It’s like a mental blockage or something. I just can’t do it.

But what does work for me it having a “set” premade diet I just need to follow: As in “Eat A and drink B for breakfast. Eat C and drink D for lunch.” Etc.

That kind of discipline works for me. No clue why I can’t just count “on the go”.

Maybe it’s a related blockage I have when it comes to the hair care schedule? I guess my mind just rebels at having to put so much effort into something that is supposed to come naturally and effortless?

Anyways. I do have a point with this, I swear.

So I was calculating on some “pre-set” diets and I keep getting a bit worried about my protein intake. Why is that? Because I’m shallow and worry about my hair, that’s why.

I have already experienced one very sneaky shed in my life and I’m not willing to sacrifice any hair for fat loss. I love my mane more than I hate my lovehandles. I still get my thumb thick regrowth poking out of my updos or braids from time to time and it makes me cringe.

From some research I think I should aim for 1,5 gram of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day if I want to work out and diet at the same time. Just to be safe.

I find it difficult to get there on food alone and still stay at a safe calorie deficiency. So naturally I started looking at protein drinks. Since I would like to get as much protein for as little calories as possible (Hey, I prefer eating my calories, not drinking them!) I divided the calorie content with the protein content for each drink.

The results were pretty surprising.

The lowest had just 3,9 calories per 1 gram of protein. That’s near the “raw” calorie content for 1 gram of protein, if I’m not mistaken? The highest had 8,1 calories per 1 gram of protein. That’s over twice as much!

A little math to compare the results and one protein drink per day of the calorie heavy one would “translate” into over 5 kg of pure fat more than the calorie low one in a year. Yikes.

I guess this is really how I ended up feeling fat: Those “few” extra, unnoticed calories per day. A piece of chocolate, a few chips, a second serving “just a tiny portion” even though I’m already full.

Still, I’m shocked at the difference between the protein drinks.

So, boring rant aside I’m just extending my discovery to those that may care: Run calories/protein through your calculator if you are looking to buy protein drinks.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New goodies!

Pretty Antoinette’s goodies!
Such pretty packaging and cute little notes with it
Silky scarves
My webcam doesn’t so their vibrant colours justice
Both feel a bit too big for me. I’m really not sure if they can work even if I get a hole in the back for my braid. I think these will work better if you wear a bun for sleeping.
Maybe I would be getting some good use for them wearing them under a woolen hat and over a bun on cold days?
Silky pillow cases
So pretty and glossy
And so soft!
Came with their own individual super cute drawstring cases
And little lavender packs to insert into the pillow. They smell divine and so calming
I got two beanies too but forgot to take a picture of the second one
They’re wonderfully snug and comfortable. I just need to get Chemist friend to make a hole in the back for my sleep braid and they will be perfect
Loc cover
I fell in love with this one right away. It’s so awesome and I can’t wait for more colour options to come up in the webshop. I must have more of these! I need to play with more styling options for this one…