Saturday, 11 July 2015

Fake hair goodies

Got two new things from Rapunzel of Sweden based on my notes about their colour ring. 

First one is a fishtail braided headband that I honestly didn’t think would fit in colour. But it did. 99% perfect. Even had a few comments from friends about how nice my “little braid detail” looked. Colour, texture (Artificial fibres, not real hair) and shine are spot on.

I’m strongly considering if I should get the twisted version in the same colour.

Second goodie: fake bangs.

I had some trouble getting pictures of these. Annoyingly, these are too light in real life, but shows up as a pretty good match on camera!

Maybe I should give the ones that are a shade darker a try?

Nurse-friend suggested I should try to darken them a bit with some indigo. Hmm. Maybe they just need to be washed and treated with some leave in-conditioner or something?

Getting them washed and styled a bit would probably be a good idea. They have a bit of a “bump” near the top seam that I hope I can get rid of.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Tester Korea, test haul

So Memebox went… Yea, I don’t know actually… Pouf?
Rumour among the other (former) Memebox-bloggers is that Memebox stopped shipping to countries that doesn’t have a Memebox-warehouse. Which makes no sense, since they just ship out pre-packaged boxes with no individual variations anyways.
This is something that pisses me off a lot. If people are willing to pay for the shipping anyways, why would a seller/company decide on who they will sell to? You can’t convince me that it’s not worth their time and effort to ship worldwide.
Anyways. Memebox screwing over their international buyers pissed a lot of people off. I’m mostly indifferent. Memebox mostly ended up as a “Meh.” for me and I would buy the boxes, hoping it would be better than it was.

So, anyways. The former Meme-bloggers had some different recommendations out there, and I decided to give a shot.

The packing...

Sturdy box and they had put some effort into getting it around customs. I like! Having to pay just to get my already paid for-package into the country is always really irritating.

Good packaging inside too. Very well protected. Plus point for that.

3 nail polishes for free as a gift for me. Very nice! Even has a little sticker with “Thank you” on it. This is the kind of stuff I really like when I buy something. I mean, I could easily take my money elsewhere, but a little gift like this makes me feel really appreciated as a customer.

So that’s 3 points out of 3 already:
  • Sturdy, protective packaging
  • An effort to get me out of paying extra in customs
  • A nice little free extra

Nice bodylotion and bodywash set.

Lots of hand masks. I really like those and I should use them more.

Foot masks. I’ve been meaning to try more masks than just for my face and these seems to be a good place to start.

Facial sheet masks!

A Skinfood tester kit for whitening skin. I’m going to try it for the ugly scars on my shins and see if it makes a difference. If it does, I might get some more.

Two Iope tester kits. I loved the Iope products I’ve tried so far, but the blue set turned out to be way too moisturising for me and made me irritated and itchy. My skin doesn’t like products that are too moisturising and heavy.

Innisfree is an eco-friendly brand that is pretty popular among the K-beauty bloggers. I got a body lotion, a moisturising spray, hand cream, oil cleaner, foam cleanser, toner, essence and lotion in the green tea line.

Benton! One of my favourites. Toner x 2, essence x 2 and sheet masks.

The Yeon toner, essence and hand cream.

Assorted: Banilas Claypatra. On a whim, I tried it for the enlarged pores on my shins and it worked wonders for that, so now I got myself some more. A Sekretkey eyecream with snail filtrate in. I really like that one as well. Etude Houses baby choux base in mint. I really liked that one too: It’s a green tinted primer and it’s really good for my skintone.

My only hair purchase this time: A huge tub of Toneymoley leave in-conditioner. It was pretty cheap so I got it. The positive is that it is good for shine, but the bad is that it makes my hair tangle. Hmm. I’ll be using it up slowly, just adding some pumps to my ordinary leave in-conditioner mix.

The full haul.
Right after unpacking, I realized that the one product I actually needed was lip balm. Doh.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Never fails.

Whenever I have Hubby take my photos I always end up having the same conversation with him:
“Don’t take any pictures yet!”
“Seriously. I'm not ready yet.”
“Are you taking pictures??”
“I don’t believe you. Just don’t take any pictures yet!”
“Just don’t take any pictures until I’m ready, okay?”
And then when I get the pictures on my computer, there is always a bunch of “extra” ones on it. Usually a mix of “artsy” ones (Close-ups of my boobs) and ones where I’m still messing around with my hair.

I found 3 that I liked though: 


Monday, 6 July 2015

Length shots

13½ years and I think I’m approaching terminal. Doesn’t seem like I got a lot of growth since my last length-shot. Hmm?

Ends allowed to fluff up like they wanted. That’s what I get for drying it in front of a fan!

Ends gathered up to see the length better.

Bit of wind.

More direct sunlight. I like the colour!

Sunday, 5 July 2015


Maybe to help you get into the swing of blogging, you can tell us what you've been doing--just basic stuff? What your life was like away from home/what your job entailed (be as vague as you want), and how your hair was treated (or not ;) ).
That’s a good idea, thanks Darkhorse!
I can go in detail with the hair stuff, not that it’s been very interesting! 
Work was a mostly-office job with a lot of hours. So my day was pretty much to get up early, whip my sleep braid up in a Nautilus bun and then sit in front of a computer until late in the afternoon. Then I would go train (Still managed to gain some weight since mostly-boring office environments seems to make people bring in lots of sugary snacks!) WO-rinse my hair and braid it, do a Korean skincare routine and go to bed early.
Exciting stuff!
I did CO washes and my Ankylosaurus in the weekends, where I still had to go to the office, but with fewer hours.
Pretty much an awesome benign neglect routine for my hair and a high maintenance routine for my skin.

That's absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if you could post a video showing how to do this bun, please as I find the diagrams confusing...??? Thanks :)AnonymousOn the Suebian knot
Hi Anon.
I actually promised myself never to make videos ever again. Too many “How the hell did you even manage to survive until you were old enough to operate a computer, if you’re really, truly that stupid??”-type people and too many pathetic losers with nothing better to do with their life than to look up stuff they know would offend their claustrophobic world view, just so they can bitch and whine about it on Youtube.
Bu-ut I’ve also been thinking of giving it one last shot where I upload as a private link (Or whatever it’s called: That thing where you can only find and see the video if you have the link already)

So, I’ll think about it.