Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Unexpected results

It looks like the long sick streak for hubby has had an unexpected result. One of my “hair things” that he didn’t seem to make peace with has suddenly turned around.
Hubby had problems with accepting that I take supplements and he used to give me attitude for it. But a couple of days ago he started talking about how he had been sick for so long and I only finally caught it recently. First he had some sort of influenza, and then he got almost back to full health before getting sick with influenza again. Then he had what seemed to be a cold. Then he got the horrible cough he has had for weeks, first week with fever too. Hubby said he was amazed that after him being sick for some two months more or less constantly, I only caught it recently. After all, I must have been in his virus vapor a lot. He then said he had been thinking about it since we live in the same apartment, exercise about the same, do almost the same thing and eat almost the same things too. The only real difference is that I take supplements. He had obviously put a lot of thought into it!
It was a pretty unexpected thing to hear from him. I know his attitude used to be that they were unnecessary and a waste of money if you just eat healthy.
Well, I have always said that supplements needs to stay supplements and not the basis of your entire diet. I agree with him so far. I prefer seeing supplements as sort of a “backup” since it takes a lot of time and effort to eat a “perfect” diet. We try to eat pretty healthy in general, but we do have our take away, frozen pizzas and crisps…
It used to be the biggest annoyance between us when it came to my “hair” obsession (I will still object to that my supplements are only taken for my hair, but I wouldn’t have started with them if it wasn’t because I began learning on hair forums…)
We have our “The good, the bad and the ugly” disagreements when it comes to my hair.
The good (And silly)
Hubby has a weird obsession with my braid tassel. He likes playing with it, sniffing it and touching it. He also likes me to keep it long and fluffy. I naturally want to braid down as much as I can and keep the tassel as short as possible.

The bad
Hubby hates it when I wear head coverings. He dislikes that head coverings even exists to hide the “sinful and dirty female body that leads men into temptation” and says that instead of men blaming women for their own sexual urges they need to grow a backbone, develop a moral compass and take responsibility for their own actions. I absolutely agree on that. Women will never have equality as long as weak and stupid men blame their actions on women instead of taking responsibility for what they do or think. 
However, it doesn’t change the fact that there are plenty of unsuppressed and happily non-religious women just like me who likes to wear head coverings for their own personal reasons, sometimes even against the wishes of the people around them (Cough).
Although I don’t agree on his distaste for head coverings, I can understand and respect his opinion.
The ugly (And resolved?)
It used to be the supplement question. But now it seems that hubby is at least interested in giving it a try!
As opposed to the head coverings issue, I could never fully respect his opinion on this. I think I covered most of it in the first part of this post so there isn’t much to add.
I’m quite excited to follow the development on this!
Since I have several packages of supplements and oil waiting for me to pick them up when I return to Denmark, I really hope he remembers his epiphany when I have returned to Sweden and start taking my supplements again…