Friday, 20 October 2017

Hair stuff from Beauteque

I have been pretty happy with my Beauteque subscription. it has provided me with lots of fun new things to try, even though I have given a lot of stuff away to friends and coworkers. But then again, I am super picky with skin stuff..

This month, it arrived with three hair-items among the other stuff: A scalp massager, a conditioner and a shampoo.

Well, the shampoo went to hubby. It's kind of crazy how we haven't had to buy shampoo for him since... ever? Since he gets his full shampoo supply from my subscription boxes and 2-in-1 deals and stuff like that when I buy conditioners.

The conditioner? Mayo and banana? 

I'll bring it to work and see if someone is brave enough to want it. Maybe someone who doesn't hate the smell of bananas will want it.

The scalp massager turned out to be a fail too: I already have a Assoter scalp massaging brush I got back in 2014 from a Memebox superbox that I use once in a while. The new one turned out to be simultaneously too hard and too weak to go through my hair to really get into my scalp. How is that even possible?

Such a disappointment.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Today's hair

I just couldn't find the energy to redo the braid base yesterday, so today's hair is a slightly messy braided Chinese bun held with a single WoodArtJewelry stick.

It's funny how a single stick versus double sticks provide a slightly different bun-effect.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Throwback Thursday

The standard braided bun was such an odd one for me. It had a very short span of time (length) where it actually worked for me. Too short and I couldn't get that self-stabilizing effect, too long and it slipped and slided all over the place!
I think it only worked for me between mid back and tailbone length...


Friday, 6 October 2017

Public service announcement

Dear friends and readers: Madeira was awesome!!!
We will definitely return there some time in the future.

I could spam you with so many pictures!

But now that I've gotten that little outburst out of my system, I will return to my planned hair-posting soon enough.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

A theory on seasonal changes

When looking back through my blog (Which is why I started blogging in the first place! You really cannot remember all the things you try and fail with for your hair!) it seems my scalp and hair is pretty sensitive to the autumn season.

Since Darkhorse brought this up, so I thought I would borrow her comment for this:

My scalp always knows when the seasons change. I always wonder if it has something to do with sweating. We sweat more in the summer, and I wonder if that does something to the scalp that, when the cooler weather comes, is it irritable? Less moisture? Is something growing in there? For me, I have to wash, but I was using a special conditioner for my scalp once our temps dropped to what I call reasonable, and since our temps went back to August like (boo!), my scalp isn't cranky, but I am because I like the cooler autumn weather :D 
Just something to make you go 'hmmmmm...." :D
My working theory on this is that season changes, especially for autumn messes with both the scalp and length of hair.

For the scalp:
The acid mantle which forms the protecting layer on your skin (And scalp) is formed by three things: Your sweat which contains lactic acid to maintain the right pH value, the sebum which helps to waterproof the skin (Both for penetration and evaporation) and the dead skin cells (Epidermis) which physically shields the skin.

So autumn is cold and rainy outside, and warm and dry inside and you start wearing hats more.
I could see you sweating more and not even noticing...
Also I could see you producing more sebum to keep the moisture inside your skin?

For the length:
As for the weird "irritated" reaction I get on the length, my best guess is: Hair contains 8-10 % water and it can absorb and release water depending on the surrounding environment. The little "scales" that covers the hair can't to do this, but the inner core of the hair (The cortex that contains the protein bundles which give hair its strength) can. 
I imagine it would be like repeatedly steaming and drying wood. It should feel really strange, and I guess eventually it should crack and split.

Anyways. I'm just guessing and putting what little I know together.

...Anyone have some knowledge on this?

Friday, 15 September 2017


I have a mildly embarrassing confession: I can't always tell when my hair is over or underconditioned.

Both results in almost the same feeling: Mildly irritated hair that is more difficult than normal to detangle. It forms annoying little fairy knots for no apparent reason. It dries slightly odd too, like, faster or something.
The only thing that can hint to the problem, is the location of the fairy knots. If they're mostly at the ends, it's probably underconditioned. If the entire length is a problem, it's probably overconditioned. But it's not clear and easy to spot because the fairy knots spreads.

Usually when my hair gets that "mildly irritated" feeling, I just try to condition it. If that doesn't fix the problem after a few tries, it's time to get the shampoo out.

So I borrowed some of Hubby's shampoo and washed it. Unless I've shampooed at a time and not documented it, my last shampoo was almost exactly a year ago.

I don't think I have used shampoo in the meantime without writing it down. This was my point to begin with when I started blogging: It's a tool to keep track of what works and doesn't work for me, and to keep myself experimenting with products and styles.

This raises a question for me: Does my hair get crankier around autumn? I wouldn't actually be surprised at that. The increased autumn wind and rain makes me put in more leave in-products, and often using the kind with more hold than normal. That sounds like a quick way to get build up.

Shampoo followed by some conditioner got my hair right back to normal. But my scalp feels dry, itchy and miserable. It will take a few days for it to recover...

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Packing for sun

I haven't been a good wife lately. The last year or so, I've been working too much. I try to stay away for work less than 12 hours a day (Mostly to manage my own stress, but still), but since I probably average 6 workdays a week... Yea, Mr. Igor doesn't see me a lot.

Mr. Igor doesn't complain though (Good hubby!) but I can tell he misses me and feels a little underappreciated.

To surprise him, I booked us a vacation!

We're going to Madeira for 8 days in the end of the month. I wanted something warm and nice, not too uncivilized and not too touristy. Everyone I know who has been to Madeira really recommends it and since neither of us have been in Portugal, this was a good choice.

We have a few things planned already, but mostly I just want to leave the hotel with some bottles of water and just wander in some random direction, just see some things and find some nice little place to eat. This will be great!

Autumn is already kicking in full force here, so it will be wonderful to get some real sun and high temperatures. Average temperature is above 20 C when we will be there in Funchal:

Compare this to the temperatures in Copenhagen where I work:
The average temperature in Funchal is higher than the highest average in Copenhagen!

Basically I'm just packing light clothes and lots of SPF...

Mr. Igor has been really busy reading travelbooks. I think he is already planning for when we can go back. Hehe.

Funny little note for my international readers: We will be travelling with a company named Spies.

It's pronounced more like spi-ehs, with a sharp "i" sound. It's a travel agency started back in 1956, and the family name of the guy who started it.

So my main concerns are sun protection for my skin and hair.

For my hair, I'm packing:

Also I ordered some L'Anza leave in protector, which should contain the most SPF of the two L'Anza leave ins I got my hands on

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Throwback Thursday

Ah, the humble English braid.
It's the very cornerstone of being able to contain my hair at night!
And a very nostalgic style for me, since this was the first real "thing" I could do with me hair once I started growing it out.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Today's hair

After yesterdays disappointment, I just wrapped it up in a Royal bun again.
That one has a lot of strong sides: It's flatly packed against my head and shows off the braidwork very nicely.
The bad side however, is that it is  lacking the structural strength and hold of the Nautilus bun.
Hmm. I just can't win with this.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Today's hair

Continuing my thought from yesterday: I formed a classical Nautilus bun out of the top five-stranded braid...

...And then wrapped the bottom, three-stranded braid up and around.

I have mixed feelings about this. From some angles, this looks very good.

Maybe because it just looks like the Royal bun from some angles?

Other angles? Not cute at all! So lumpy and uneven.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Today's braid for tomorrows bun

Okay, so building on my thought from some days ago: "Would a horizontally split, double braid base work for a braided Nautilus bun?"

Top braid is a five-strander (Just for fun) and bottom is a normal three.

This time, I have split the hair into two portions at the point where I find it the easiest: At top of ear level. I always end up having to spend quite a bit of time on getting the two portions equally thick when I have to do that.

If this turns out the be even semi-nice, this will be something I will be doing a lot in the future.
However, I do worry the smaller, bottom braid might "disappear" in the finished updo.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Today's hair

Okay, so I did not like the two double buns from yesterday. 
So for today, I tried a braided Chinese bun out of the four braids. I like this one! It got pretty flat and nicely packed on my head and the five strand-base adds a little something that you can't immediately pinpoint.

It did give me an idea though: Would a horizontally split, double braid base work for a braided Nautilus bun?

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Today's hair

Okay, this did not work out like I thought it would.
The buns did not end up as flat as I thought they would, and got that "cannonball" effect instead.
Hmm. Are pins/forks the way to go instead of Flexies?

Monday, 21 August 2017

Today's braid for tomorrows bun

Continuing my ideas from the weekend...
What I liked about the base braids was that they helped give the buns some "lift" instead of pointing the bun bases down around the neck. When splitting the hair horizontally at ear-height, the bun base ends up there instead and lifts the buns up higher.
Also, having several braids instead of a few seemed to help keep the buns flatter.

Let's see how this works tomorrow...

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Today's hair

Still having the 8 little braids in, and thought I would give it a try with Flexies instead.

Not entirely pleased with this either: When using a Flexi instead of a fork, you have to use the Nautilus bun type instead of just wrapping it around like a cinnamon bun style.
This means you get a lot of "inside" on the bun instead and then you get that cannonball effect instead of a nice, flat bun.

I think maybe I could get the effect I want with 4 little braids instead?

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Today's hair

Got a call from work asking if I could come in and fix something.
So, uh, what do you do quickly with 8 little braids to put them up in an office-appropriate style?

This was far from perfect, but I think I can see some potential here...

The Quattro pins didn't really work for this. Maybe a Flexi if I had to do it another time?