Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday the 5th of October

This little Igor is not a happy camper!

Yesterday when I followed hubby to his palaeontology lecture I noticed that my neck felt very tired and sore and I just couldn’t get comfortable sitting staring ahead. I wrote it off as me having overworked my shoulders/neck at the weight training at the gym some hours earlier.
Well, today I woke up to my right side shoulder and neck being so stiff and sore I can hardly look to the right side. Leaning my head forwards or backwards hurts too and the only way I can look without wincing is to the left. Great.

I considered wearing a braid since an updo might not be helping my sore neck, but I went with a Chinese bun. The picture doesn’t do the stick any justice! They’re awesomely cool multi striped sticks I got from Fatamorgana at UTT. Since they are pointy in both ends, they can be classified as double-edged hubby-repellers. Silly hubby has the memory of a moth when it comes to remembering I have sharp object in my hair!

I had a semi-serious meeting with Teacher-friend about starting a blog project together. Afterwards we went shopping. She lives near Nova Lund so I needed to stop by the H&M there. For some reason the H&M in the city centre stopped carrying my usual Sunsilk leave in conditioner much to my disapproval. Anyways, now I’m stocked up on leave in-conditioner for about two months.

It’s really annoying to live in a country where 95% of the hair product seems to be for the thin, fine, volume-challenged Scandinavian hair.
You would think with the high percentage of immigrants in Sweden there would be a market for more “ethnic” hair products, but no.
But then again, you would also think that being almost purebred Danish would give you the same hairtype, but no.

I wanted a good, warm hat to cover my head and bun this winter. Of course being a longhaired weirdo makes it a little more complicated than just “What do I like?”
First of all, it needs to be roomy enough to fit a (big) bun underneath.
Second, it needs to be soft and hair friendly inside.
I found few good candidates in black but according to Teacher-friend, they were the wrong black for me. Who knew that black could be the wrong black? Eh. I didn’t.

So we picked out one in the right black and one that I felt was too brightly turquoise, but she sounded like she knew what she was talking about when she went on about seasons and undertones, so hey, why not? I might get a more interesting wardrobe from shopping with her instead of just my usual “Black comes in more than one tone?”-black and “Blue is blue, right?”

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Spammers gonna spam

Another little look behind the scenes...

From my spam-folder:

On the L-cystine and L-tyrosine post:

“I like exploring the experience and knowledge of your exact contemporary. Thanks for sharing information.”

“Great Information and post! It is very informative and suggestible for the user of solar energy, May I think it can be beneficial in coming days...”

“Nice blog, its great article informative post, thanks for sharing it. Thanks for the information!”
 On The (in)famous biotin rant:

“Nice post, great detail. I would have liked to see the costs that are associated to it so I could add to my business case justifi cations to use the technology. Keep up the good work! Great Job!!! Informative and attention keeping!”

“Great Information and post! It is very informative and suggestible for the user of solar energy, May I think it can be beneficial in coming days...”

“Biotin is a water-soluble Vitamin B. Biotin support hair growth naturally. Herbs-Wholesale carries wide range of Biotin Products Like Biotin Conditioner, Biotin Shampoo and Biotin Supplements on Bulk Discount Offer.”
All these posts are from the same (seriously stupid) wholesale herb place. Even with the irony of them spamming their biotin-products on the biotin-post, I have a hard time not focussing on the extremely broken English that sounds like it has been run through some crappy translator. Some of the comments don’t even make any sense!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Following up on the Ketylo-disaster

I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to treat my injured scalp. Should I put some sort of cream on it? Shampoo it? Let it do its natural thing?

So far I’ve been doing a lot of WO to let it do its own thing. The wash yesterday with Hask and Schwarzkopf was the first “real” wash I’ve done since the cut. I really needed it! My scalp was getting quite greasy and irritated so even if the conditioner wasn’t good for the wound, I still really wanted it.

A lot of people have contacted me about the Ketylo disaster and told me it made them consider if they ever wanted to buy Ketylos (again) after reading about it. Although I have to admit I’m not feeling too interested in spending money on them ever again, it wasn’t meant to scare other people from buying them.

Honestly, if people should “boycott” a hair toy maker, I am more pissed off at Flexi 8. I have bought quite a few of those and I once sent them an email to share an observation and suggestion on the largest Flexies.

Since the stick-part curves away from the skull, a large flexi which could easily hold four times as much hair as a smaller one plus its own, increased weight is still only “anchored” to the scalp hair with a relatively small contact-surface. I suggested them that to increase the stability of an updo (Which is the absolute basis for a comfortable updo and absolutely necessary for the costumer wanting to keep wearing the hair-toy!) that they changed the stick-design or at least offer the option of another stick design. I experimented with it myself and found that reversing the stick made a superbly strong and stable up do! Just imagine how stabile a Flexi would be if it curved with the shape of your skull and your bun is anchored to a wider strip of scalp hairs?

I shared my observation and suggestion with them and got an absurdly rude answer back that clearly showed that Flexi-8s customer service representatives assume that their customers are completely retarded and it’s okay to talk to them like they’re small children.

The answer to my observations on how to make a better clip for the extra-longhaired?

“You’re supposed to put the stick through the hair before closing the clip over it.”

Yes, that’s right. It’s not that my clip holds many times more hair than smaller clips and is still attached to the same small amount of hair that is the problem. The problem is that I’m so absolutely retarded that I put my Flexi 8 in my hair in some sort of bizarre, useless way and I need to be told the complete basics on how to work a simple clip!

Unfortunately I was too stunned by the sheer rudeness and how she could so completely miss my point that I didn’t get around to send a complaint back over her attitude. But to this date, over a year later, it still blows my mind. Bitch.