Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Feeling incredibly sorry for myself

I have overworked my Achilles tendon. Too much walking and standing for too many hours during the day and not allowing it to rest.
To precise, I have damaged it where it attaches to the bone.
I have had problems with my Achilles tendon before, back when I used to run a lot. I think something almost all runners go through at some point. But the issue has always been higher up, in the tendon itself.
The attachment pain has been one of the most painful injuries I’ve ever experienced.

Usually I factor in if you can relieve the pain too, for instance when I broke my tailbone it “rated” as more painful than my complicated ankle fractures (That ended my running “career”) because there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stabilise or relieve the pain from a broken tailbone. And the cystic acne breakout I got from a biotin overload felt more painful than when I impaled my hand on some broken glass because it was right there in my face, just like a papercut on a fingertip can be much more painful than a deeper cut some other place.

But yea, the attachment pain to the Achilles tendon? Brutal. I could feel how cold sweat broke out just from having to work the pedals in my car, despite having eaten the painkillers I had with me in my bag. I think it’s been like 3 years since last I had to take any…
The doctor prescribed me some seriously strong painkillers. They make everything feel a little soft to the touch.

To add insult to injury I have overworked the adductor longus in my thigh from limping so much. I’m actually kind of impressed I managed to do that!

Well, I take it as a hint that I need to relax a bit, so I took today and tomorrow off. Spent most of the day doing gloriously nothing. Watched too many silly videos, spent unhealthily much time on 4chan and generally saw way too many memes and funny images for one day.

After having done lots and lots of nothing, I started going through my pictures. I’ve taken a lot of pictures over the summer. Hair pictures intended for the blog too. “For when I have the time…”. Hah, who knew I had to wait almost until winter before I found the time for them?