General hair philosophy

All hair is beautiful
I think hair is a lot like eyes. Even if the owner find the eyes to be boring or uninteresting, they are still beautiful. No pair of eyes was ever ugly. Same with hair.

All hair has its own unique beauty
The one thing I get the most comments and compliments on, is the thickness of my hair. I can probably count on two hands how people I have encountered who thicker hair than me, and when I say have encountered, I mean online. It stands out and it makes people envious.
However, such thick hair comes with a price. I had to wait until well past classic before I could do even a basic cinnamon bun. I have to look for strength first and foremost when it comes to hair tools, a lot of accessories simply doesn’t work for me. The sheer mass of my hair tends to eat up all cute and pretty details.
All heads of hair has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s a waste of time and energy to envy someone else for what they have. Make the most of what you have yourself and enjoy your own hairs unique beauty.

I think long hair is empowering
There aren’t many things in human culture that holds as much power to fascinate as hair. Its one of those things that are considered to be very feminine, but unlike other typically “feminine” things it’s easy and doesn’t handicap the woman.
Think of other typically “feminine” things: Short skirts, where you have to be very careful how you sit and walk. Long nails, where you have to be careful with your hands at all times and in some instances cant even do simple tasks like typing anymore. Makeup, where you can’t even scratch an itch in your face without ruining an hour of work. High heels, that are very damaging to muscles and tendons.
Hair is empowering: It doesn’t interfere with your life or hinder you. It can be cared for easily and get out of your way at any time. It can be practical and simple or dressed up fancy and pretty. It won’t rule your life or change you.

Long hair is easy
Caring for my hair is the easiest part of my beauty routine. I condition it (In the meantime I can work on the computer or read or whatever I feel like), put it up and ignore it.
Back when I had short hair, it took a lot of time and styling to get it to look half decent. I absolutely had to shampoo my hair in the evenings before sleeping or I would rub styling gel in my pillowcase and on my sensitive skin leading to breakouts.
It might seem like I spend a lot of time thinking about and working on my hair from reading this blog, but it’s not the case. Caring for my hair is the easiest part of my girly beauty routine. If I had made this blog about how often I Q-tip clean my ears it would seem like I have the dirtiest ears in the world…

Long hair is fun and versatile
The updos I do on a regular basis are:

Braided bun
Braided Chinese bun
Braided Nautilus bun
Chinese bun
Crown braid from Dutch braids
Dual braids, Dutch, folded, combined or simple
Dual braids, French, folded, combined or simple 
Figure 8 bun
Knotty bun
My braided crown braid-fake infinity combination
My hybrid bun
Single braid, Dutch, folded, combined or simple
Single braid, French, folded, combined or simple

I can be a tight bunned mean lady, girly and cute or fun and flirty just by changing my hair in less than 15 minutes.

When my hair was short, I could…
…Gel it up, gel it down and slightly to the sides…? Oh, and gels and products made some differences in structure. Yea, short hair was fun and versatile. Not.