Sunday, 16 October 2011

Figure 8 tutorial (Igor’s variation)

Start with your hair in a ponytail. I know some longhairs can do this without the starting elastic, but I have never been able to (And yes that is this Flexi 8 in my pocket)

Start twisting your hair at around 9 o clock

Make about 1½ coil of the bun

Flip the first coil upwards. This is what my “variation” does differently. Usually figure 8 tutorials tells you to finish a bun and let it bee-butt before flipping it, but I find it much easier to control coil and tension when I know how much “give” I need for the flip.
You don’t need to be very accurate with the shape, you can fix it later.

Coil the rest of your hair around the bun like usual…

…And tuck the tail under. Mine is poking out here since I didn’t have a mirror around to spot it and hubby of course only replies “It looks great, honey!” when asked.
Fiddle around with the shape a little until you’re satisfied with the “8”

When sticking the Flexi 8 through, I find it easier to keep it horizontal when I “mark” the in and out spot with my fingers to guide the stick. Put the stick through just where the top of the “bun part” underneath the “8” ends

And done! The Flexi is a little too flexible here, so I would usually fix it up a bit using a mirror, but I didn’t have one around at that moment. But you get the point!
My XXL Flexi is just a bit too big to hold the tension I like for a figure 8 bun held like this and I’m considering if I should buy an XL just for Figure 8 buns…

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