Saturday, 8 August 2015

Hair inspiration: Bun + ponytail, take II

So the first shot at the Bun + ponytail wasn't so awesome. Hubby liked it, but I didn't.
The tail was too long for me and the bun did that "cannonball" thing where it turned into an annoying unbalanced ball. I was thinking that maybe the problem was in how flat/wide the braid was: It made it difficult to get a good knot going.
So I tried with the roundest "braid" I know: The ropebraid.
And instead of making a real knot, I would pull the ponytail out between the inner and outer coils of a Nautilus.

Much better!
But like all asymmetrical styles, it was a lot cuter from one side.

Also, the tail formed a very cute little wave!
I think mostly it was from the way it "hits" my shoulders? But maybe I have more more curl than I thought?

Would I do this style again?
I thought the bun-part was cute and the tail-length was manageable. It was a whole lot more stable than the last attempt (Nautilus bun to the rescue!)

My only complaint is that the cute little wave seemed to provoke some sort of annoying cat-behavior in Hubby. He spent most of the day "attacking" my little tail and playing with it. Batting it around like a cat with yarn, stroking it and twirling his fingers in it. My weirdo :)

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Throwback Thursday

Okay, this is technically not a "Throwback" but I wasn't sure what else to classify it as.

The lady below is my mother. If I'm seeing correctly, the picture is from 1972, which makes her *Counts on fingers and mutters to self* 19 years old.

It's funny, I really cant make up my mind if I don't look like her at all or if I look like her a lot.
What do you all think?

I have the same heavy upper eyelids as her and a good head of hair, but those two things are super dominant family traits that everyone in my family has.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hot spot heating pads

I’ve had this little self heating heart for a while now. I think everyone knows them: You boil them, let them cool down and then re-activate them by “breaking” this little thingie inside.
I’ve been using it quite a bit, but it does annoy me that I can’t keep it ready to go in my storage. It seems to activate on its own, so I have to boil it, wait for it to get cool enough to activate and then use it. Meh.

I found these little one time use-ones. At first glance they seemed better: Lighter, bigger, flatter.
But I think they have a few problems: First of all, they took a while to activate. You just peel them out of the protective plastic cover and use the little fabric-like inner pad. Good in theory, but I’d say it took like an hour to properly heat up. That’s about when I’m done with my deep conditioning.

Second, they seemed to cool down at random intervals too! I did a really thorough deep conditioning and when I re-adjusted the cling wrap and warm hats, there were a couple of times when they were almost cold.
Do these depend on oxygen for the reaction maybe?
If that’s the case, they’re fairly useless to me. I would want to have them inside my mess of cling wrap and warm hats when I deep condition.

Surprisingly, they seemed to stay warm a whole lot longer than they advertised. The pack said they would stay warm for 6 hours, but once I was done conditioning, I just left them in the bathroom and they were still warm the next morning.

Meh. Not really sure what to make of these.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Hair inspiration

I have done something similar before, but it didn't look so nice because I made 3 dutch braids into one. It looked nice in the front, but asymmetrical in the back.

Yea, I like it. I don't think it's super amazing, but I like it.
Would wear it again.

My only complaint is that it made my hair too short to properly whack Hubby with when he annoys me.