Thursday, 16 June 2011

A humble request aka messing with a friend

Nightshade on UTT aka the owner of
brought to my attention a week ago that the most traffic coming to her blog came from my Bell Tower blog.

Of course I didn’t know that my wonderful readers came to visit her blog so often!

Today she showed me a screenshot showing exactly HOW much traffic "I" draw her way and I have to say, wow. Then she asked me if I was messing with her…

Of course I am not, but now I’m tempted to do so!

So, my darling readers… Can I persuade you all to take a look here?

Let me especially recommend that you take a look at “Juniper”… It will really tuck at your heart strings.

Much love to you all!

Igor <3


  1. ROFL You're sassy. And it seems you have loyal followers:

  2. *Bows and blows kisses around*