Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I just compared my latest length shot with the 9½ years one (Back from June) and I’m surprised at how little growth I’ve had in 6 months. I know I’m not the fastest grower, but still…?
My hair is slightly wavier in the last shot and the ends seem thicker, but I think I should have grown more. If I look at the knee crease it looks like the ends were just a cm above in June and a cm below now in January.
What do you all think?
And since I have your attention, what do you all think of me taking off half my “planned” 2012 growth so I’ll gain 9 cm and lose 9 cm off the ends?


  1. interesting--I'm not seeing any growth, but the funny thing is, it may have thickened up. I know for me, when I don't see length growth, I notice more thickness (I guess the shorter hairs are growing??)

    I think trimming is totally up to you--I think it looks lovely and will look lovely at any length. I know a good cut/trim will really thicken the ends if that's what you are looking for, but your ends look thick to me!

    I did a big trim a few years ago-about 4 inches, so 10cms, and I was very happy with the results. I found micro-trims just didn't work for my hair/my life style :)

  2. I think that 6 months is too soon to tell how much growth you are really having, sometimes all that is very relative. I had an awesome growth this wintertime, for example, which is very uncommon. I suppose that one day you'll wake up and wonder "when did that happen?"

    Your ends look fine to me =) they are starting to fairytale a bit, and while I'm more into blunt cuts, I think yours doesn't look bad like that at all. Plus, tapered ends make cool braided buns, you can work the end of the braid as an accent ^^'
    It's understandable why you're starting to think about it, though. I couldn't go for 9cm all at once, though, so best thing I can suggest is to go by baby steps; for me, something as little as 2 cm can make the world of a difference.

  3. I think your ends look fine to me. They look like they have thickened up. If you want to go for half of your planned trim than go for it. I think it more or less is what your going for: length or thickness

  4. I think you might be reaching a false terminal length due to lack of trimming. That is something you mentioned before, so I know you're aware of it.
    The trim sounds like a great idea, I hope it allows you to grow longer, but if all else fails at least you'd be able to grow back to knee.

  5. Your ends in the new pic look like they are curling up and hiding the new length. Gorgeous hair!