Sunday, 22 January 2012

Skin speculations

I’m really not sure what to think of the La Roche-Posay skin care line (Now there’s a brand name I will never, ever be able to remember!) that I have been using for two weeks or so now.
On one hand, I think the tendency for my skin to be red and irritated has gone down a bit and it looks a bit better, but…

About half the times when I apply the skin tonic and cream, my skin feels “flushed” and irritated for about a minute. That is definitely not a good sign. In my opinion there are only two times where redness and irritation is not a bad sign: After an exfoliation where the skin has been mechanically manipulated and after a mud mask where the skin is irritated after having been dried out or having the pores opened and gunk hauled out.
Redness when applying cream does not mean that the product is working! Redness means that the skin hates the product!

Also I have a breakout coming right at the left side “bend” on my jaw line. As someone who gets maybe one normal zit per year on average, this is definitely a warning sign. Especially since it’s been there for a day or two and it doesn’t seem to be “squeeze ready” yet. I’m worried it might be a cystic mo-fo in the making… Yikes.

I have experience one of those many years ago in a crazy moment of “Hey, let’s take a handful of B vitamins to grow the hair faster!!!1!” and it was unbelievably uncomfortable and disgusting.

Strangely with those two big fat warning signs, my skin generally seems to be doing better. Huh?!

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