Tuesday, 7 February 2012

One of those days where you feel hopelessly old and boring

Went shopping with the girls.

First point on the agenda was to find two clips I wanted to see if Chemist #1 could use. Two Evita Peroni clips that never worked for me but I could never get myself to get rid of because the brand is so expensive. Holding them I realised I couldn’t remember where I bought them or if I had ever used them. Ouch. Then I felt old.
Nice artsy picture, eh?

So we went to the shopping mall and the first step was to get some coffee to get warm again. Damn, it’s so cold outside!

My first “shopping” stop was to go to the pharmacy to get something for my poor sick hubby and his horrifying rattling cough.

We later ended up at H&M and I found myself hating the colours of just about every single piece of clothing they had. Boring and out of touch with the fashion this season, are we?

I did find a grey sweater I would really like for hubby, but they only had it in M and S. So I figured since I liked the sweater so much, maybe it would work for me.

But then it got weird: In the female clothes, I’m a XS or S in H&Ms sizes. Which is super weird since I’m 173 cm or about 5´8” tall and that makes me a bit above average height. I’m not super skinny either, so me fitting in XS or S is just a ridiculous joke.

I figured I could easily fit a S or M in male sizes, but no: They were both too small for me! WTF?

I ended up picking up a blue version of the sweater in hubby’s size for him.

So with a bag of cough and cold reliefs and a sweater, all for hubby we leave the mall. Nothing for myself but two bottles of Sunsilk leave in conditioner and a bag of cotton pads. Hopelessly boring shopping!

We then proceed to Öob which is a super market/bulk store. Not exactly glamorous either! I get some VO5 and a super cheap large size conditioner.

Last stop of the day is a hardware store to get replacement parts for our leaky sink. Gosh, my life and shopping is so boring. I’m out shopping with the girls and I only return with sensible, practical things?

I really felt like a hopelessly old and boring married woman whose life revolves around coughs and dripping sinks…


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  1. Nah, you're neither--just feeling blah. It's winter---I like to blame the weather for this.

    You need to go to a store where you can buy things you find fun--for me, it's always a tack shop for horse stuff(riding gear).