Monday, 26 May 2014

Ringsted, part 2/3

We continue the tour of Ringsted into the city park.

They have the kind of park that I personally prefer: Not too manicured but lots of big trees.

It’s 30 degrees in the shade at the time I took these, so I was one of the only people stupid enough to wander around in the park in the middle of the day. 

The library peaking out behind a tree. Seriously ugly architecture in odd shapes, raw concrete and weird roof ridges.

Didn’t get better near the main entrance.

The “art” near the entrance doesn’t help either.

Looking from inside the library out on the park.
Are those red window panes supposed to be looking good?

Behind the library looking down towards the windmill.

And then next to the ugly library was this nice old building. I’m not 100% sure but it seemed to have something to do with sports.

Just my luck: The water park was closed to repairs.

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