Monday, 7 July 2014


My Superbox #16 arrived! The one with all the hair goodies!

It came in a big pack with all the facial masks I ordered as well.
The shipping went perfectly fast and smooth too!

Purederm Hydro Collagen Pack
A collagen mask for intense hydration with collagen, vitamin-E, green-tea extract and witch hazel. 50 masks and a bonus of 60 eye zone masks. Great price!

(Top) Trehalose Aqua Solution Mask 
A moisturizing mask with Trehalose (a complex sugar from desert plants)

(Bottom) Ceramide Nutrition Solution Mask 
Hydrating and nourishing mask for dehydrated, damaged, aging skin by providing skin nutrients in ceramide solution

These two won a price:

7 Skin Scheduler Facial Mask
What a cute idea! A full week of different facial masks.

  • Monday [Moisturizing] Aloe Jucy Mask
  • Tuesday [Anti-wrinkle ] Ginkgo anti-wrinkle mask
  • Wednesday[Whitening] Grape whitening mask
  • Thursday [Plumbing] Cucumber bouncing mask
  • Friday [Recover] Acerola recovery mask
  • Saturday [Energy] Pomegranate vital mask
  • Sunday[Healing] Jasmin healing mask
The aloe vera one won’t go on my skin though since I’m allergic to it.

The Memebox itself is really cute.

And there couldn’t be room for more products in the box!
The card describes the product since the packaging is in Korean.

Left to right, top row... 

Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Ampoule
This lists a bunch of plants it has been made from.
Such a little bottle! Just 24 ml. I would only be able to treat my very tippy ends if I had to use this alone. It does say in the description I can “use another product on top” so maybe I should just mix it with a bit of something else and leave it in a Nodosaurus overnight?
I can’t believe this little 24 ml bottle would retail for 12$ though! I can buy 3-4 full sized bottles of conditioner for this little blob of product!

Saerom Cosmetics RNA-3 Hair Repair Keratin Water
This is a leave-in kind of product that doesn’t need rinsing. It says it’s enriched with fermented grains and proteins. Interesting. Smells quite odd. Not bad, just odd.
Such a cute little spray-bottle too. I think this will go into my shoulder bag containing some SPF for my hair once it’s empty.

Green Tree Baobab Oil
It says on the pamphlet that the Baobab oil is packed full of omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin A, C, E and F. The description of this oil made me want to apply it to my face! But since I can’t find an ingredient list for this thing, I will unfortunately have to assume this is a “baobab oil” product like Moroccan Oil products are “argan oil” products. Hah.
Smells like sugar and alcohol. Strange.

Glam Up Brilliant Steam Hair Pack
It comes in the form of a sort of hat-shape kind of thing that you wrap around your head and secure with a sticker. It seems silly and gimmicky. I can’t see how this should be good for anything, if anything it seems it would only treat the hair that is in direct contact with the material?
I promise pictures of this silly thing in action!

Left to right, middle and bottom... 

Assoster Scalp Scaling Gel
This sounds interesting: It says it’s basically a deep cleanser or exfoliator for the scalp. I will rope Hubby into helping me and apply this in the back of my head so I can distribute it all over. I wonder how my scalp will react to this?

Esthetic House CP-1 Ceramide Treatment Protein Repair System
The syringe is so gimmicky and silly! *snort* Seriously, I can’t see how it would make distribution of the product any easier or in any way beneficial.
The 25 ml syringe retails for 19 $. Lets compare it to the fact that I paid 29 $ for the whole box!
On the plus side, there is 37,5 ml of product in all so I should be able to do a Nodosaurus on a decent amount of hair with this product alone.

Assoster Scalp Massaging Brush
I’ve had my hands on “scalp massagers” before and they have all seemed too stiff and hard. This one seems like it would work though!

I took a shower and rinsed my hair well. Used the scalp massager too and it’s wonderful: Perfectly balanced between soft and doing that “scritching” thing that feels so good.

I had some trouble getting a single mask out of the pack without breaking it or getting extra ones crumpled up. I guess this is where they cheeped out on the finished product? I’m okay with that.
It was really difficult to get it to fit around my face as well. It was like the proportions were all screwed up and my face was too big in some places and too small in others!

The Ceramide Protein Treatment is definitely the most expensive treat my hair has had in many years!
The product itself was quite heavy, almost like butter. It was slightly yellow and had a shine to it.
Going to leave the Nodosaurus overnight and rinse it out tomorrow.

Esthetic House CP-1 Ceramide Treatment Protein Repair System in a Nodosaurus and the Purederm Hydro Collagen Pack on my face!
...I'm sexy and I know it!

So far I couldn’t be more pleased with everything about my first Memebox and the extra facial masks! 

I’m still waiting for my Skinstore-order though. The tracking-information says it left the US on the 28th, so where is it? Stuck in customs? Bleah.


  1. Ooooh!! What an AWESOME HAUL!!
    Question: I'm looking for a product to fade sun spots/dark spots on my skin. like you, I have very sensitive skin. I doubt you have any because you are so young but can you tell me if you've come across any products that fade dark spots without skin irritation?

    You look cool in the mask! Like phantom of the opera! :)

    1. Thank you XD
      I haven't tried a product like that yet, but it seems I will soon! The Wednesday mask in the 7 days pack is a whitening product so that will be my first try with one. I had some confusion over what some products are called, but it seems "whitening" really means "spot fading" not "turn your face white"... Also, "trouble skin" means "acne skin" and not the broad definition we have. Odd, huh?
      I have tried undiluted lemon juice on my face once. I think that should fade spots too? My skin actually tolerated that as long as I didn't do it too often...

  2. Thanks Igor!! That's really helpful!! The product I'm using now is Burt's Bees, which is all natural, but when I used it, I did feel a burning sensation. But, that was only 3 weeks after my surgery and I think I needed to wait a bit longer until my body was back to itself. I'll try lemon juice because that's probably the best (ie, most natural). Thanks again for your help! :)

  3. Haha funny :) Now that song is in my head all day

  4. Thank you very nice sharing successful

  5. Sehr schöne und erfolgreiche Glückwünsche

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