Saturday, 23 August 2014

A lesson in self-control

Honestly what I wanted to reply was:

“I would rather jump in a piranha-infested lake dressed as a slice of tuna pizza.”

Seriously. I have never seen any sort of piece on long hair that doesn't have that stupid freakshow-angle. And since I have been in groups or on forums with a lot of people who have been "interviewed", I do know how their routines actually are. And they are never like the journalists describe. Ever. 

I guess the closest thing I ever came to finding a decent interview with a longhair was the one with Jason

In the journalists defense, she did reply and was offended over my email (Yea, it wasn't polite. I'll admit it)

But yea, I won't do anything like with Mathalicious or other media-type things ever again and it has nothing to do with the individual journalist or media.


  1. Probably a better reply would have been to be 'I've been misquoted so many times, I politely decline" and leave it at that. Aggression only creates aggression, hence the reply wasn't nice I'm sure. I like to believe that everyone is genuine. If you had asked her what the focus of the article was, and what her interest was etc, I'm sure--if she was legit---she'd have told you--much like I do when I contact people for articles. I think you'd be awesome to interview about hair care! But, alas, I'd only interview you if you rode horses and I'd be curious to know about helmet fitting with such long thick hair, and safety around the barn ;)

  2. “I would rather jump in a piranha-infested lake dressed as a slice of tuna pizza.”

    I love this....don't blame you a bit....enjoy your place in the long hair community and let the others flounder in ignorance.