Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I just received the Zero Cosmetics memebox. I have another 8 (!) plus an order of hair and skin goodies on the way over the next 1½ months time.

Yea, oops. I have a new addiction.

However, Memebox doesn’t have a lot of hair stuff that I could be interested in, so it goes against the intended focus of my blog.
Their skin stuff is top notch though and my skin has really improved. Both my improved Korean skincare techniques and the products have really worked wonders.

Anyways. Since my new Memebox addiction seems to gather some interest, I wonder if I should post a little about the boxes I do receive anyways?



  1. I usually skip all non-hair related posts on the blogs I follow. But i will read yours ;-) With intetest and pleasure, so please do write about your boxes :-)

  2. Yes, please do! You make really good reviews of the things you get, and I enjoy reading about them. I'm also a fan of Memebox :)

  3. Yes, please!!!!