Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Memeboxes: Snow White + Sleeping beauty + Rapunzel

Sleeping beauty

I figured this would have a bunch of sleep packs, but this was packed with aloe vera products. Ugh.

Top row, left to right
Vella Neck Tight Cream 50ml
I have never had an actual neck cream. I just spread my usual cream down my neck and even down my chest a bit. Alright, a specialised neck cream might be fun!

ECHOICE Aloe Vera All Care Cream
Aloe vera. Ugh. Directly to my sell/trade/gift-pile.

Bottom row, left to right
Dermahouse Aloe Vera Gel
More aloe vera. Ugh. Directly to my sell/trade/gift-pile.

D'Ran Aqua Wonder Recovery Eye Cream
This sounds pretty good with Hyaluronic acid, collagen and a sea complex containing 7 types of seaweed extracts, so I think I will use this. The text in the front of the pack made me laugh though: Glacier and hydrolyzed collagen put in fresh energy in skin.

ReinPlatz Intensive Moisture Pack
Randomly picked between hand and foot. I got the hand moisture pack. Awesome. What a convenient way to show your hands some love!

Dewytree Aqua Collagen Peptide Sleeping Mask
Dude. This box should have been called the Engrish-box. “A valuable and pure nature ingredients.  Multifunctional moisture skincare. Convenient solution system”. Wut?
It has an impressive ingredient line-up though: Collagen peptide, hyaluronic acid, green tea extracts, adenosine, sciadopitys verticillata root extracts, medical mushrooms and niacinamide. 

Except for the damn aloe vera, this was a pretty good box.

Snow White
I really considered not getting this one since I figured it would be packed with whitening products. Don’t get me wrong, I like being pale, but I don’t feel I need any assistance in maintaining my natural paleness. I started using the whitening creams I’ve received on the scars on my shins instead of body lotion. Not sure if it really works anyways, at least they’re only supposed to be brightening and not actually whitening as the same usually says.

Top row, left to right
Nella Fantasia Oneday Whitener
This “magical” whitening lotion looks more like a bottle of metal polish or shoe polish or something. Seriously.

Chosungah original raw 1st Essence
Wow, this thing looks like a perfume or something. I got the “red essence”. It says it’s a combination of a skin toner, essence and lotion. Uh?

Daltokki Whitening Essence
What a weird and ugly bottle. Usually the Korean products are cute, but this one is just ugly. It says you should mix it with your facial cream or sun screen to perfect your complexion.

Bottom row, left to right
5 Seeds Apple Water Brightening Scrub
A scrub made from apple water, apricot, raspberry, walnut and rice seeds.

Faceflux Anti-Wrinkle Revitalize Cream
It looks like an eyecream but is really an anti wrinkle cream for your entire face.

Morningtree Revitalizing Whitening Deep Spot
Rollerball? Why does this essence come in a rollerball? That just doesn’t seem very convenient to me. I guess to highlight the spot treatment-function of this.

Yea, I should probably have opted out of this box. The only thing I can see myself use is pretty much the scrub.

Oh yay. I’ve been waiting for Memebox to make another hair box since I loved the first one so much.

Left to right
Elizavecca Ceramide Coating Protein Treatment
This left me confused because it looked so much like a mud mask. I have a cleansing foam in the same brand that I absolutely love, so I wouldn’t have complained if it had been a facial mask.
Good ingredients listed: Collagen, bean protein extracts, ceramide complex, allantoin, hydro-wheat protein and vegetable extracts. I’m going to mix this with some other conditioner and leave it on for a long time.

Sally's Box Friendly Argan Oil 2 Step Hair Mask
This is a hair treatment that consist of a small portion of conditioner and a hair cap with another small portion of conditioner in it.

Tosowoong 10 Hours Protein Hair Essence
This is a leave in conditioner containing camellia oil, black bean, black rice, sesame, blackberry and black tea extracts and lots of protein. The syringe-shape is pretty dumb and gimmicky though. I will mix it with my usual Sunsilk leave in conditioner. 

Left to right
Lioele L'Cret Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo
Big shampoo bottle. Meh. It’s a shampoo, no matter how many awesome ingredients and benefits they list. I’ll probably give it to Hubby.

Boutique Bebe Vita-Clinic Hair Salon Mist
A spray leave in-conditioner containing argan oil, lavender extract, peppermint extract, chamomile extract, rosemary extracts and royal jelly extracts.  I will mix it with my usual Sunsilk leave in conditioner.

ProYou Scalp Nutrition Calming Moisture Fluid
It’s a scalp moisturiser…? Hmm. Not sure I will actually use this. Maybe on weekends where I can have “greasy” hair? Dunno. I know other longhairs will put things on their scalp, but I just never really have.

Yep, I’m happy with this box. Good mix of products. Even has something I’ve never tried before: The scalp moisture fluid.


  1. If you haven't used any of your Snow White products by November 1st, you can send me a note at my username at hot mail. I really wanted this box but couldn't get it before it sold out. I understand you want to keep the scrub though. I'll buy that separately later on. Thanks! Heather

  2. Oops. I could have worded that better. I'd like to buy the box from you (minus the scrub) at a reasonable price, but I've bought too many Memeboxes for this month so I'd have to wait for next month when I'd have the money for it. :)

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