Monday, 20 October 2014

The henna project, day 16

I wasn’t sure how much indigo mix I would need so I doubled the test batch

  • 4 ml indigo
  • 20 gram cassia
  • 80 ml Syoss Silicone Free Repair & Fullness conditioner
Of course it got pretty heavy, but it worked pretty well. I rinsed my hair well, dried it and started braiding it. From around mid back I started pushing the mud into the braid. First a thin layer, then thicker. Then I put a bag over and wrapped a bandage over like my usual Nodosaurus.

After rinsing I used conditioner…

I decided to freeze my leftover henna and split it up in two portions for two more super light henna treatments like I did 3 days ago (Just even lighter). 
Of course this means I have to take precautions!
I love Mr. Igor to death, but for a smart guy he can be pretty moronic. He seems to be under the firm assumption that anything and everything found in the fridge or freezer is a delicious treat made by his loving wife. In 99% of the cases this is the truth, but I have caught him about to poke a fork into my half done DIY hair treatments out on the kitchen counter before, and of course there’s the lemon incident.

So yea, it was necessary to mark the little henna mud bags with “Is uneatable”.


  1. Have you ever tried adding cocoa powder (not the sweet solluble powder which is lighter but real cocoa) to a deep treatment? :D THIS looks so delicious! Like liquid chocolate. I always want to eat this paste myself :D

    1. I can't remember ever hearing about that before! Please tell me more :) Does it have any sort of benefit other than thickening up the treatment?