Saturday, 11 October 2014

Winter swap on UTT

Sisi33 organised a winter swap on UTT and I was swapping with Onyx.
She turned out to be difficult to find the perfect things for, so I ended up getting a little of everything of what I could see her being interested in.
I have sent her
  • A blue Bunjii (Has to be one of the very few ones left that has never been used!)
  • Aloe vera sheet mask
  • Calvin Klein nail polish
  • Hair salon protein treatment
  • Hair sticks in a light wood I think will compliment her hair colour well
  • Iope lips and cheek stain
  • Pretty AnntoiNet’s silk hair bonnet
  • Single blue speckled corian Ketylo
  • Soap
  • Special order Ric the combmaker hair sticks
  • Widetoothed bone comb

Nicely wrapped up in a Memebox (lol)
I guess my Memebox addiction means I will never be short of boxes for mailing stuff in… And they’re cute and sturdy too!


  1. Hi there, I'm new to your blog :D

    Wow, what a lovely parcel! That speckly ketylo is stunning, where did you find it?

    1. Welcome! :) And thank you!
      It was a sort of "secret" deal: Someone on one of the hair groups on FB knew the guy who makes Ketylos and through her, he had an offer for corian ketylos for anyone who saw it on FB. It was supposed to be a one time deal, back in 2011 I believe?
      This specific one is kind of a shameful re-gifting though: I had a set, one broke (And cut my scalp open in the process. Ouch! When I contacted the ketylo-maker he pretty much just responded with "Oh, too bad. God bless!" which annoyed me more than the injury) so I was left with just a single one that can't carry my hair-load. So, since my giftee wrote that she can use single sticks, I shamelessly sent the "leftovers" for her...
      # Blushing

  2. I've been reading through/creeping on your blog, found via some old site that you no longer frequent (of which I was an old member, newly returned and not so happy - may have to check out the alternative).

    THIS MADE ME LOL. I have recently exchanged emails with the same person, and after getting the first "blessings" I immediately wished I had never ordered.

    1. *snort*
      Sooo happy I'm not the only one who thinks it's weird!