Sunday, 20 September 2015

New milestone

There was the cultural night in Lund yesterday. As the other years, lots of things I would have thought could be cool to see, but as the other years, I hate the £#¤%& crazy crowds it draws.
I'm not good with crowds.

So we ended up hanging out (and having too much beer) with some friends before heading in to see a band play. The band is called To Dust and we know one of the guitarists. They define their music as melodic death metal, but I'd say more of a trash metal *shrugs*
Although I like all forms of metal, this is probably less of a favorite for me.

But none the less, the music gets a million times better when you listen to it with friends, a beer in your hand and cheering for a friend. 


I got so much into it that I took my figure 8 bun out and tried to headbang for the first time in years, only to find that my hair is now too long to get a proper swirl going. Damn.
Doctor-friend with her BSL hair and Designer-friend with her tailbone length hair got it going but I couldn't. 
Sad milestone.

Also my neck hurts today. Ouchies.

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  1. As I've often said, the life of a hair goddess is not an easy one. ;-)