Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Inositol: Month one

I started taking inositol a month ago to the date. Originally it was for my dermotillomania, but as I kept reading about it, I kept running into it being used for PCOS. Now, PCOS is one of those things that makes me feel a little worried because some symptoms really match up with me.
I dismissed the thought (Like a bunch of times!) because you can always diagnose yourself with something online... Or make a horoscope match.

But still...

So. A month has passed and I have upped the dosage by one gram each week. Which means I'm at four gram a day now.
It doesn't seem to have done anything for my tendencies to pick though.

Here's some TMI, so highlight at your own risk:
I don't track my period. I always get a "warning" 2-3 days ahead because my skin flips out on me. Just as good as tracking the damn thing.
Except, this time it completely snuck up on me. Complete surprise, out of the blue.
Because my skin has been averagely happy for a month now. A distinct lack of ups and downs over the monthly cycle.
Also my period was so, so much more easy to deal with this time. Less cramps, less discomfort.

So.. This means that I have reduced symptoms of PCOS that I didn't even know I had?
(Or more like: Was in denial about?)


  1. I'm not sure of the drug you're taking, but if it is in the SSRI family, it has been known to help with menstrual issues. When I began taking some medication in that family years ago, I noticed a huge reduction in my mentrual cramps. Not gone, but way different. Now, that's all gone by the way side since peri menopause has kicked in.

    But, I have a few friends with PCOS and I don't see any main symptoms---unless of course you maintain yourself--and by that, I mean facial hair. I've seen this on many ppl with PCOS. Also, weight gain, fatigue--the symptoms are so vague, I think you need to see an endocrynologist for testing.

    Remember that SSRI drugs take time to build up in the system--so the over all effect for psychological issues will take more time than others. And, everyone's systems are different. Best of luck to you!

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