Saturday, 15 October 2016

Tutorial request

Per request from the other day: An unnamed bun.

Any name suggestions for this thing?

I played around with it a bit and found that this was the best way to create it:

1. Start off with your hair split horizontally in two braids.
(I did two 5-stranded just for fun, but effed the 5-strand up a bit at the beginning. Why do you only ever spot that once youre done??)

2. Pin a clip through the beginning of the top braid.

3. Wrap the bottom braid up around the base of the top braid and tuck it under the clip ends.

4. Finish wrapping the bottom braid around the base and above the top braid, and tuck the end under.

5. Wrap the top braid around the bun.

6. Tuck ends under, adjust for lopsidedness and "smooth" the entire bun.

7. Done!

It's quite pretty!

It has a lot of the qualities I like in a bun: Good stability, packed flatly to my head, a structure that stands out from any other buns I could have made instead, and it looks like it took a lot longer to create than it did.

Fixing and structuring flyaways are optional!


  1. "The Royal bun'? It looks like something you'd see in the medieval days and that's why I LOVE IT! Thank you SO much for this tutorial. Not sure mine will look this gorgeous since my hair is half your thickness and length, but it can't hurt to try ;)

    1. "The royal bun"? You know what? I love that XD The royal bun it is!
      You should put a picture up on facebook if you try it! :)

  2. very nice looking updo! I Love your shower curtain, by the way! LOL
    thanks for sharing how you did this one!

    Blessings! ♥