Friday, 13 January 2012

Couple of non-hair comments and answers

Well, I guess it isn’t really a Q&A so in random order…

I love Terry Pratchett! I recently re-read The Colour of Magic and I swear it gets funnier and more insightful with each read!
~ umphie
So true! The first time reading his books I just want to know what will happen next and the second time around I can really just enjoy the “ride” and his insights

Really sorry to say that, but what's wrong with your legs? It seems they all are covered with bruises...
~ Anonymous

That would be the result of a severe and painful allergic reaction about 6 years ago. I had a violent reaction to something unknown and was treated for a year at a dermatological department. Unfortunately they treated the reaction with a whole lot of steroid cream and after half a year or so of treatment and without progress, an allergy test revealed that I’m allergic to budesonide, one of the steroids in the cream. The skin of my legs is thin and fragile and will probably never return to normal ever again. Even ingrown hairs or simple scratching results in bruising and big dark “wounds”.
Luckily my hubby and my friends aren’t so shallow they feel the need to comment on it or judge me for it (!)
You're such cute woman, you deserve better clothes, honestly! Wish you the best ^_^
~ Anonymous
Well, I take donations or cash towards that if you feel it’s such a big problem that you need to comment on it?

I know you're been considering getting a satin sleep cap so I thought I'd give you a review for mine.
First off the slippery part of the satin is on the outside of the sleep cap so it won't touch your skin. The bad news is that it hurts my ears a little because of the elastic.
Here's a link to the one I got, I believe they ship worldwide:

Cute! Totally cute in a kind of old fashioned way! Too bad it hurts your ears though. I think that would be a “deal breaker” for me? Think you could maybe stretch/expand the elastic a bit?
I was actually thinking of trying one of these: and cutting a whole in the back of it to pull my braid through. They look pretty “snug”. Or maybe one of her loc covers. Hm?
Do you have Aveeno products available where you are? They are amazing for skin issues--I use them in my bath (a powder to stop itchy skin) and they have lotions etc. My skin gets itchy after I'm at the barn and get sweaty and such, and I find these really help.
I've also found neutrogena moisturizer that my mom gave me as she couldn't use it, and it helps with flaky skin--I get eczema on my forehead and between my brows, and this helps better than the prescription stuff.
I have wanted to try clinique--I've also used marcelle brand items and they are hypo-allergenic and they were good, but neutrogena has really helped with my flaky, itchy patches--now, if I just kept up with it ;)

I’ll put Aveeno at the bottom of my suggestions list. I quite literally have a document with all the product recommendations I’ve ever gotten. Once a product screws up for me, I go to check out the next one on the list.
I have some different Neutrogena visibly clear in my product graveyard. They had no effect at all and I felt I ran around smelling of the chemical “icy mint” thing all day.
Now ain't he cute eating your laptop. How often does he eat? It could get expensive feeding him...
Hehe, he was a pleasant surprise since he and a little crocodile buddy was a Christmas gift from my mother in law and last year she got us both… A small decoration pillow with a fox motive… *Twitches*


  1. Really? I've got neutrogena products that are scentless. :)

    Aveeno works for itchy skin more so than anything else---it's great if you have itchiness due to allergies or bug bites.

    As for your clothing--I love your attire!

  2. "Think you could maybe stretch/expand the elastic a bit?"
    I don't know. I'm afraid to try and modify it because I really like how it looks. Maybe I just need a softer pillow?

    "I was actually thinking of trying one of these: [...]prettyanntoinets[...]Beanies[...] and cutting a whole in the back of it to pull my braid through. They look pretty “snug”. Or maybe one of her loc covers. Hm?"
    Those beanies look pretty sweet. But if they don't fit all of your hair in them, are they really protecting it? The loc covers look better in that department, you could probably fold your braid and fit it in. I guess it depends what you want it to do.

    If you just want to be able to grow the fine along your hair line, then the beanie sounds like a good option. I'm kind of curios to see what you will ends up getting. :D

  3. I have one of these:

    The elastic isn't tight at all, I don't even feel it. But it does leave a little mark on the hair line, a little water takes care of that and isn't a deal breaker for me.

  4. American Scientist Friend17 January 2012 at 22:07

    I've been having probs with itchy dry skin too (like... strangely itchy and dry). I never had problems in the past, so I think it's this Nordic winter weather. =(
    However, I realized that when I quit using my facewash (with salicylic acid) it got better. I went to Apoteket and the woman was suuuper helpful - she told me to buy this stuff called Lacobase Repair. It's basically just a really thick, fatty cream that is very moisturizing and seems to block out the cold. I also bought it because the problem is around my eyes, and she said that it was safe to use there (as opposed to something like hydrocortisone cream for eczema). It was working great until I put on eye shadow for our girls' night out (oops). Regardless, it seems to work and I highly recommend it if you need another cream for your list. =)