Monday, 9 January 2012

Hair diary

Sunday the 1st of January
CO scalp washed with a handful of the red VO5. Slept on the couch with my hair draped loose over the arm rest to get it air dried as “down” as possible. Hubby has a good laugh over my awkward set up with towels and sleeping on the couch.

Monday the 2nd of January
Took 10 years anniversary pictures!
After the photo session, I braid my hair dry. It’s so slippery and unmanageable to handle when dry!

Wednesday the 4th of January
Did an overnight walnut oil Ankylosaurus according to my healthy hair project.

Thursday the 5th of January
Washed the oil out with some blue VO5, some honey and a bit of leftover leave in conditioner. Mane goes up in a braided Nautilus bun and I slip a pre-tied bandanna over it.
I go to the gym for the first time in a month and feel really guilty for not having gone. Luckily Huff Huff-Girl is there. No matter how much I can beat myself up for not having used my gym membership, I’ll never waste it as much as her. All I have ever seen her do is power walk on the treadmills, she never uses any other machines and she doesn’t even stretch. Why would you pay for a gym membership to power walk when we have plenty of parks? It doesn’t make it better that she walks with this self-important look on her face and she actually speaks out the “huff huff huff” noises while she walks. She probably thinks she is doing an awesome job of getting in shape and burning fat. She amuses me so much.
Friday the 6th of January
Although I would happily trade our bathtub for a big shower, it does have its advantages: I start the day with some meditation in the tub. I mix in a big bowl of strong green tea, a big blob of honey and some ACV. My skin, scalp and hair absolutely love that.  
Another braided Nautilus bun for the mane. I slip another pre-tied bandanna over it. I’m really growing out of them and I need to look into the fitted ones from since they are supposedly roomier in the back. Unfortunately they don’t ship outside of the UK territories. I so hate when they don’t do that! Personally I wouldn’t mind paying even steep shipping as long as I can get the things I really want, but to get anything from them I would need to have someone in the UK receive it and ship it to me. So much trouble!

Saturday the 7th of January
Got a bit too eager on making up for my lack of workouts. Now I have a blister and a sore back! Taking a day off from the gym and calling the laundry chore a workout.
I’ve been wearing a lot of braided nautiluses lately. Since it’s so cold, I cover my head a lot and the braided nautilus is simply the most compacted bun I have on my repertoire.

Monday the 8th of January
Went shopping. Picked up some cassia and skin stuff too. I’ll use the cassia with my last pack of henna n placenta and see if I get the same awesomely red results as last time. (Why is it that when you see they only have 2 packs left you pick up both even though you only came for one?)
Since my skin has been irritated the last month and I’m not sure if it’s the weather or my products, I consulted with my list of future skincare lines to try. Clinique has worked pretty well for me for half a year or more, but I can’t be sure that it isn’t that the products have started irritating me, so I have transferred them to my products graveyard.
Going to try the new brand for a month to compare.
Sigh, if only my skin was as easy as my hair!


  1. Do you have Aveeno products available where you are? They are amazing for skin issues--I use them in my bath (a powder to stop itchy skin) and they have lotions etc. My skin gets itchy after I'm at the barn and get sweaty and such, and I find these really help.

    I've also found neutrogena moisturizer that my mom gave me as she couldn't use it, and it helps with flaky skin--I get eczema on my forehead and between my brows, and this helps better than the prescription stuff.

    I have wanted to try clinique--I've also used marcelle brand items and they are hypo-allergenic and they were good, but neutrogena has really helped with my flaky, itchy patches--now, if I just kept up with it ;)

  2. Is it acne that you try to get rid of?
    Topical antibiotics really helped me when I had a massive zit attack on my chest 2 years ago.

    And a question - do you know where to get cassia in Denmark? Or only in Sweden?

    Btw, I’m Beausoph from uTT