Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Trim result

I had planned on getting a trim while in Denmark, but my mother turned out to be cheap on my behalf and offered to do it for me. When I insisted that I had planned on going to a stylist, she got a bit offended and thought I didn’t trust her. Oh well, it kept the peace and I saved the money.       
I had her take pictures before, after and of the trimmings.
I have to admit I was shocked to see what my ends looked like! I knew they were thin after No Trims in 2011, but the reverse U shape was a surprise. I guess it’s from my (bad) habit of snipping the tassel of my braid. No matter what I guess it’s difficult to get a good idea of when your ends really look like when your hair is knee length and you always wear it up?
After she took about 5 cm off. I wanted a little less off, but the last 2-3 cm didn’t consist of a whole lot of hairs and was barely enough to even the hemline up!
The sad leftovers. Mom teased me that it was less hair than when she trims her bangs. Hah…