Friday, 2 March 2012

“The loot”

What I picked up from my parents’ place. 
250 ml macademia oil and 300 ml argan oil. Been itching to try both, but decided to bring them home unopened!

Vitamins. Hah, I had completely forgotten I ordered two packs. Ironically the large pack on the left is the 200 tablet pack and the small one on the right is the 300 pack. I always think they look like some sort of aquarium cleaner or fish food. Hmm?

We got to talk about vitamins when my brother and his girlfriend were there and she pointed to some of the herbs in the ingredient list and said they were really good for your immune system.
A hair specific supplement with vitamin Bs and fenugreek. I fell for it because it contains fenugreek and it seems to be found very regularly in herbal blends for scalp remedies or regrowth formulas. One pack for me, one pack to mail to a friend.
Two fibre supplements. I try to recommend people to take either a yoghurt supplement or a fibre supplement. No reason to pile expensive foods or hair supplements on if the digestion isn’t working well.
Left is fish oil that turned out to contain vitamin E. Ugh, the website didn’t mention that! It turned out my parents would take it so I couldn’t be bothered to return it and complain. I’ll get a vitamin free omega 3 supplement from instead. Right one is a herbal blend for “detox” that I have tried before with some success.
The free stuff: A fibre supplement for weight loss purposes (Propped up against a can) and a tea tree oil that looked more like a full sized bottle than a sample.


  1. mustpannkook/uTT3 March 2012 at 09:39

    That tea tree oil is amazing! If you have stuffy nose it works wonders, and it is great for getting rid of cold sores, too. And steaming the skin, etc etc... And the little bottle lasts forever!

  2. Interesting, but how come you don't like the Vitamin E?

  3. mustpannkook/uTT: Excellent! Thank you for the usage-ideas! I wasn’t entirely sure what it would be good for. It seems it’s good for “everything” which just left me mildly confused…

    RockPaperScissorLizardSpock: I already take a multi vitamin containing vitamin E and since vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin I don’t feel so safe taking TWO full daily doses.

  4. I don't recommend using it on hair unless you have dandruff. It is very drying.

    Works for zits, too! Back when I used it a lot I would drop maybe 5 drops on my palm, mix it with a teaspoon of water and use it as a tonic. It worked quite well and made my skin clear up but as I previously mentioned - very drying - don't use it undiluted on the whole face. It will start burning... I once had a really bad breakout and thought it would be a good idea to use it all over my face. Nope... It's ok to use undiluted on a big, nasty pimple, but then I'd use a cotton swab.