Friday, 16 March 2012

Little package lost

I’ve been tracking my Pretty AnntoiNet's package since it was shipped out. First in hopeful eagerness waiting for my silky goodies, then in baffled confusion.
Allow me to demonstrate why. Here is USPS’s tracking information. 
Recognize that the locations are repeated?
Let’s put that on a map…
The package is accepted at a post office at A (Bloomfield), then to B (Kearny) and C (Jamaica). Then it gets shipped almost back to B (A different place in Kearny). Finally back to C again (Jamaica).
Seriously, what the hell, USPS?

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  1. So I know this is stupidly late, but I've had this happen to me. I think it happens when the mail sorting facilities update the details of their server -- it automatically shows up. For instance, they sent the package, marked it as sent from the processing facility. Then later they mark it completed. Then later it's confirmed and archived. Hence being there 3 times. Someone probably is forgetting to do steps 1-3 and then publish. Or something like that.