Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I can has combs?

Since placing an order at Hairsense on the 2nd I haven’t heard a word from them.
I heard from Pretty AnntoiNet'​s, several times actually: A confirmation on the order and Linda herself taking the time to ask me if I would like to upgrade to a shipping method with tracking number outside the US and with insurance. Isn’t it sweet she took the time to care? I had just picked the first best shipping option since I didn’t know what the difference was. Too bad I didn’t see her mail until after she had shipped it out (And emailed me the tracking number and shipping confirmation) That’s a caring and responsible business owner!
Hairsense though, not a peep. I checked my spam folder several times too, nothing. They did happily take my money though. Hm.
So this morning I emailed them.
This is one of those times where I simply need to screenshot the reply. Noone would believe me if I just copy pasted it:
(My gmail is set to Danish, so if you can’t understand something, just ignore it. It isn’t important)
Hmm, ow-kay… I’m about to reply when this pops into my inbox too:
I reply, then get an answer:

Then I have that ½ second delay before my brain really registers what just happened and my reaction is approximately this: Wait, huh?!

This seriously raises a bunch of questions for me: How old is this woman?  Is this really how business representatives talk to their customers in 2012? Am I talking to this woman? How can she spell words like “international” and “receive” correctly and not “you” and “please”? Why the weird emphasis on the ipad? Is “the” and “a” out of fashion to type down these days?
But as someone mean *Cough*Kelly*Cough* pointed out on facebook what it really reminds you of is…

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  1. Me thinks it's laziness due to using her blackberry. I would never use internet ebonics when speaking to a customer. That's just...wrong.