Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wednesday 3/7

I’ve been putting off posting since I don’t have a working photo upload. And I’ve been putting off looking for a new upload since the thought alone makes me tired. First comparing options. Choosing one. Re-uploading the hundreds of pictures. Labeling and sorting them. Re-coding for all the pictures to show up again in my blog.
Bleah. Too much work.
And too much work already as it is.

I found a ridiculous longhair problem the other night…
When you have a headache and your first and only assumption is that your updo is crooked and causes the pain, so you take your bun down only to find it didn’t help. And then you spend the rest of the night being secretly pissed off you messed up your hair for nothing.
Not exactly meme-worthy but still…

I was going to place an order at Lilla Rose for some Flexi 8s.  But they don’t ship internationally. Booh!
I was seriously tempted by the badge clips they have too. The company-issued ID and security badge straps are seriously un-cute.

Not entirely feeling up for having to order directly from Flexi 8 even though they do ship internationally. They don’t carry all the designs of Lilla Rose and I still haven’t forgotten when they were rude to me.

(BTW "Lilla Rose" means "Purple rose" in Danish. I always find that mildly amusing) 

I made a Ron Quattro order instead…
Not sure I can wait 1-3 weeks, lol!
And now I really need to get an upload working so I can post pictures…  So looking forward to these!!

Quattro Hair Accessories 'StarLites' Combo Fork Set: 6”

Quattro Hair Accessories - 'Basics' Brass Hair Fork: 7”

Quattro Accessories 'Amish Style' Hair Pins: 4”

Quattro Hair Accessories ' StarLites' Helix Hair Fork: 6” 


  1. Hey Lady Igor!
    You can order from Lilla Rose, even though you are here in Europe. We discussed that topic on the German langhaarnetzwerk. If you want a certain Lilla Rose flexi, go to, chose another Flexi of same size and same prize and add a little massage that you would like this flexi to be replaced by the flexi XXX (insert articlenumber here) from Lilla Rose. That works: I even made a custom order like that, combining a centerpiece from Lilla Rose with standard beads from the normal flexi8-homepage.
    Me too, I have problems with my imagehost. At the moment I am looking for a new host with an own domain and own webspace.

    Best wishes from Germany,

  2. I am envious of your Quattro purchase! I think about buying some of his pins every so often.

    I hope you find a solution for uploading pictures.