Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Weight of hair toys

My new Elk&Iron sticks made me curious.
How heavy are my hair toys?

Not all hair toys in picture!
I have a bunch of sticks I never use and I didn't bother to weigh those.
Hm. I should throw those out. All they do is take up space and help unbalance the stick-jar.

Ficcare set: 60 g for both
Large soaring butterflies Flexi 8 set: 55 g for both
XL dream catchers Flexi 8 set: 85 g for both
XL night owls Flexi 8 set: 90 g for both
XXL Flexies: 50 g each except for:
XXL Greenish Flexi 8 (Forgot the name and they don’t make them anymore): 45 g
XXL Tree of life Flexi 8 (White pearls) 35 g

The XL Flexies surprised me. Despite being a lot smaller than the XXL ones, yet they weigh so much in comparison.
The XXL greenish one I forgot name of weighs the same as one XL night owl. The XXL tree of life weighs less than one XL dream catcher.
I guess the weight really isn’t in the mass of the 8 or the stick, but in the decoration.

4 Amish pins: 10 g in total
Ron Quattro starlites combo set, small fork: 5 g
Ron Quattro starlites combo set, large fork: 5 g
Ron Quattro copper fork: 25 g
Ron Quattro wavy fork: 5 g

The Ron Quattro forks are so light! No wonder the single Starlites are my go-to!

Set of blue corian Ketylos: 25 g
Set of grey corian Ketylos: 20 g
Set of J-list lightsaber hairsticks: 15 g
Set of J-list pencil hairsticks: 10 g
Set of J-list samurai sword hairsticks: 15 g
Set of one kind of wood Ric the combmaker sticks: 30 g
Set of another kind of wood Ric the combmaker sticks: 20 g
Set of smooth Ron Quattro flexstix: 10 g
Set of spiral Ron Quattro flexstix: 10 g
Set of wood Ketylos: 15 g for all colours
Set of wooden hair sticks: 15 g
Single bone WoodArtJewelry stick: 20 g
Single brown Elk&Iron stick: 15 g
Single hair sword: 20 g
Single loop hairsticks I got in a trade, big: 15 g
Single loop hairsticks I got in a trade, small: 10 g
Single TimberstoneTurnings stick: 25 g
Single white Elk&Iron stick: 10 g

It’s funny how the single sticks mess with your head.
I would swear up and down the single TimberstoneTurnings stick is the heaviest single stick by far, but it’s only 5 gram heavier than the bone WoodArtJewelry stick and the hair sword.
But it’s no surprise that the large, massive wood Ric the combmaker sticks are the heaviest set. Or that the simple Ron Quattros are among the lightest. 


  1. In comparison, what is the approx weight of your hair?

    1. I know I weighed it once and found the weight pretty unimpressive. Unfortunately I can't find a blog entry about it, so I don't know if my memory serves me well, but I think somewhere between 200-220 gram? Since it was right before I met my hubby, my hair was around mid thigh-ish, so maybe I'm "up" to 250? I should weight it for sure :)

    2. Well based on that, its easy to see that 20 or 30 grams is not much of an addition, but 90 could be especially if it is at the rearmost part of the hair where it would exert most leverage on your neck.

  2. What a lovely assortment of beauties! :)

    1. Thank you :) I really should minimize my collection and get rid of those I never use anyways =/

  3. I second Indi500fan's motion, would be curious to compare your beauties' weight with that of your mane.
    Amazed on how lightweight your forks are! Thinking of Grahtoe's and how you have to distribute the overall bun+hair weight on top not to have a headache...

    1. I had to look up Grahtoe because I couldn't remember what they look like, lol. I see why I don't own any: That type of forks doesn't work for me at all. I didn't know those were so heavy though! Can you weigh them? I'm curious now :)