Sunday, 24 July 2016

This week in hair

It suddenly hit me that I only have two weeks of vacation left. Uh-oh. So if I were to make any progress, I'd better get started on my reading list.

I ended up giving up on One Second Later a few days ago. Made it to page 55. It's a shame. I loved the idea: An EMP goes off and for the most part, life just goes on. No power? Ugh, so annoying. But it will probably be back soon. With no way of knowing how extensive the power-outage is, you have no way of knowing what had happened or when help is coming. Unfortunately it has that oh so American-author syndrome where it describes every little stupid detail in great detail and goes into equally great detail about the characters past to a level that is completely unnecessary and totally frustrating. I always end up getting so irritated with that writing style and want to shake the author while screaming "Why? Whyy??" at them.

Instead I get started on Ready Player One. It's basically a love-declaration for nerd culture and the 80es. Unfortunately I think I'm just exactly too young to really get the (many) references, so maybe I should get Hubby to try it?

It's about time to get back to work, I'm getting tired of being a housewife! I'm almost through my to do-list with things like cleaning the fridge and sorting all the cupboards and such, so it's beginning to get boring.
Also, I find myself putting more and more effort into Hubby's lunches just to entertain myself. Today he is getting an enormously thick  pork chop I found in Copenhagen the other day, baked vegetables and whiskey sauce. Spoiled Hubby!

I spend the evening looking around for a new K-beauty show to watch. Beauty Bible spring/summer 2016 finished its season around two weeks ago and I need something else to watch.
Again I find myself wishing I knew the basics of Korean. So...
.. I signed up for Korean lessons for beginners! 
After having finished the sign up and paid and everything, I had a moment "What the [bleep] did I just do??". On one hand it's unbelievably dumb, because it's 3 months and I don't even know if it will fit my work schedule. On the other hand, it's something I've been thinking of doing for a very long time.
We'll see. I start on September 12th.

I play around with my hair and use the hair-lasso for like the first time ever. It wasn't exactly a success.

Today's hair is one of my favorites: The twist-beginning five-stranded braid.

I have a specific reason to wear it again: I need to fix it up in a bun tomorrow, where I have a job interview! I ended up sending out two applications a week ago and already have a call back. Of course this leads to an "uh-oh", because I have something else I will start on in August.
But since the other job is project-based and 3-4 months, and this is something potentially permanent, I have to priornitise.

I then proceed to have a "minor" meltdown when I go through my work wear to find something for tomorrow. Out of 15 pairs or so of nice office wear pants, I can't fit into any of them!
Holy crap.
I know my weight has slowly piled on the last 7 years or so (I blame Hubby! Typical relationship gut!), but that I can't fit into any of the nice pants is just humiliating. I guess I didn't realise the problem in it's full extent since I've been in a "jeans and T-shirt" kind of work environment for many years now.
Time to take the dieting more serious!

First things first: I get the job! Yay! I'm very happy with it. It seems like my new colleges and I are a good fit, so I'm really looking forward to starting there.
I don't start until September though, so I have a month at the other place first.

I don't exactly enjoy the conversation of having to call the first place and tell them I have to cut my contract short, but they understand I have to prioritize.

I make lasagne in the evening, using the minced soy.

My lasagne recipe for 1 kg of meat and a lasagne kit:
  • 50 gram of minced soy
  • One pack of diced bacon
  • Small red onion
  • A bit of garlic
  • A few regular or pickled chililes
  • One large, shredded carrot (Works wonders for a dish that has a tendency to become too dense!)
And extra cheese of course!

I do a deep conditioning and to use up some of the Dark n lovely ultra cholesterol that had such a bad ingredient list and the Welcos Argan-gold that had such a weird effect on my hair. Mixed with some of the good Welcos-conditioners, it has a nice effect.

I really can't keep a straight face with this thing on!

Ever stumble on something in your hair stash and you seriously go "WTF?" over it?
I do over these hair sticks. Not only are they ugly and look like a child made them, they are rough too. I immediately toss them, but still wonder where and why on earth I got those things in the first place.


  1. The braid is beautiful, hubby is a very lucky boy, and congrats on the job!

  2. Ah yes--it's funny how weight creeps up on us---but, if you think about time, years that is, it's one of those things that you say' meh, I can lose that few extra pounds'. But they multiply. Over 20 yrs, I steadily put on 3 pds every six months. I reached a number that I was aghast with, and I did lose, but then, fell back into bad habits. The problem is, our metabolism slows down. So, think about how much you eat as well as what you eat. And, that dreaded thing call exercise. I've actually picked up more regular hours and just 1 extra day of teaching a week, and I'm dropping weight. Oh, so slowly. In fact, about 2 pounds a month!!! Now, I"m not exactly cutting out foods I should, but I am eating those in moderation(it's so ghastly hot here, I don't have a huge appetite--and stress plays a factor in this as well).

    About the authors. Don't get me started about writing styles. As a writer, I'm seeing books published that, 30 yrs ago, my writing teachers told me NOT to do. Yet, people are doing them now??? And I remember one of the worst books--Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, introduced so many damn characters, and went into their histories, I just gave up. The sad thing is, the storyline of the girl with the dragon tattoo--her storyline, was interesting! But, it was just far, far, far too much. And that's writing no 101. Too much information =lose reader.

    However, it's the problem of the writer. WE enjoy developing our characters, past, present and future, but you have to do it in a way that you don't just sit there telling a reader all about it---it HAS to be developed through action as well as be relevanet to the storyline.

    Have you noticed how formulaic books have become??? An author has a hit, then sticks with that same style. Mix it up!!! I'm so sick of seeing books that are stupid plots(think Harlequin Romance), and nothing unique. I miss good books!!!

    Congrats on the job!! I hope things go well for you at the one you're picking up and the new one in September----and good luck with learning Korean. I hear it's one of the 'easier' asian languages to learn. There's a Korean couple who own a tiny strip mall down from me and they are at the cornerstore and just the most lovely family. I've watched their kids grow up and have helped them with their animal woes :)

  3. Love that braid <3! And those sticks are lovely :)