Friday, 29 July 2016

Today's hair

Two stacked, braided buns. I can barely squeeze my hair into two XL Flexi 8!

Strangely I found that the night owls are just a tiny bit smaller than the dreamcatchers, so I couldn't close the night owls over the buns. I never noticed that before?


  1. Hi, I may have read your entire blog, and you said a while back that you have scarring from dermatillomania on your legs. I wanted to share a product with you called Bio-Oil. I had some deep purple scars on my arms, and after using Bio-oil on them for a few weeks they had faded significantly. These days they are completely silver. Just thought I would pass the info on to a fellow dermatillomania person.

    P.S. because of your blog I now use the little clear hair ties for the ends of my plaits, and I must say they are a total gamechanger. I love them. No more wrapping a normal hair tie around 10 times.

    1. Hi Lexie! Gosh, wasn't that boring? Hehe.
      I have to admit I'm really happy to hear from a fellow dermotillomania-sufferer. It really doesn't happen a lot and when it does, it's more like "Oh, I think I have that too".
      I'm aware of bio-oil, but really unimpressed with it. In my opinion, it just wasn't good, also it's severely overpriced and full of fillers and general stuff you don't want on your skin. According to friends who know their oils, you can make it yourself, just better and way cheaper.
      I've had some luck with Eucerins aquaphor. Pro: It actually does seem to boost healing. Con: So heavy, much greasy, quite ick.
      Really happy you found some better ties! Those little things are pretty awesome (And so much better for my confidence, haha. Nothing else makes me feel my hair is "thin" than having to wrap elastics around a million times)