Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Life in general

My seasonal dandruff really went crazy this year. Maybe because we returned home from Madeira and 31 C (The guides did say it was unusually hot) to about 5 C and a quick transition into winter.
Last year it was just a mild inconvenience, but this year I feel I actually have to put some effort into keeping it at bay. So far, the best solution has been to do a scritching and massage every time I WO.

It's perfect weather to stay indoors and game though!

The wild animals are getting braver when it's this cold: A rabbit now practically lives on our lawn. I guess the short and juicy grass is better than the unmaintained grass in the nearby forest.

The wild birds quickly got back in the habit of calling for food when they see us in the kitchen. Especially the blue tits are fearless and seems to look you directly in the eye and than scream for a peanut. Cute little jerks!

I'm trying to extend a little bit of that holiday-feeling by using the products I brought home from Madeira. Every time I reach for them, I'm reminded of warm weather, a dramatic landscape and seriously good seafood.
Too bad the feeling won't last. But soon it will be Christmas and that has its own charm too.

In other news, I switched jobs. It's a quite unusual niche, and highly specialized. I was immediately intrigued when I saw the opening, and really happy I got it.
It does have a very unusual work hour distribution though. Way longer, but fewer days. You're not even allowed to work past a certain number of days a month when the hours are this long. I don't mind though. My work days generally goes to sleeping, grabbing a cup of coffee and kissing Hubby goodbye, then coming back home and doing basically nothing before going back to bed again. So, now I just have to skip some of the "doing basically nothing" and go right to sleep instead.
I think this will actually allow me to put more hours into work #2, since I get a lot more free days.

This year, Hubby and I got really into stocks. That's seriously addictive! Like a (Now former) co-worker who is very much into stocks warned me: "The day you get hooked on stocks is the moment you will forever be on the hunt for more money to put on your stock account".
She wasn't exaggerating.
One of the things I'm most excited about with the new Job #1 is the possibility of having more time for, and thus making more money out of Job #2.

I have a few days off before I start on the new job, so I try to spend some time on my time wisely and get some Nice To Do items off my mental list.


  1. What gorgeous photos!! And you have a bunny!! I have several that hop around my parking area, I have chipmunks and squirrels that I feed so regularly, they sometimes bring some back for me! Hahahaha.

    Funny for me, this is one of the FIRST seasonal changes in which my dandruff has NOT been bad, but I clarify daily. For me, this is the only way to keep my SD at bay, and it's been a work in progress.

    You said you're changing jobs, and apparently stress and diet are the top two triggers to dandruff, so I think that may be the bigger culprit, then add the colder temps and whammo. I hope your current regime helps with it! I do know that a cool water rinse eases the itching and inflammation. :)

    1. You are so lucky you get to feed the wild squirrels XD Fluffy little squirrels are so cute, but the wild ones here are very skittish and will avoid you.
      You're right. It could be the stress too. It's been really frustrating not being able to *do*something and having to wait for the paperwork and all. And I actually just got ANOTHER job offer and I will go check it out this Tuesday. Crazy!

  2. Can we see the photos from madeira?