Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hybrid bun

This bun is a combination of a Chinese and a braided bun and ends up looking more like a braided beehive.
A Chinese bun is very comfortable because it’s packed so flat to the scalp and it has a nice way of securing itself because of the many loops. But it’s not as stabile because the individual strands are not as compacted as with a braid. Also, the initial carrying hairstick tends to migrate and it throws the entire hairstyle off because it calls for symmetry

Make a ponytail and split the tail in two. Braid both parts separately. Poke a hairstick through the elastic to get a good load carrying and securing effect. Wind the two braids around the stick one at the time, going in the same direction. Allow the hairstick to migrate naturally. Tuck both braid ends under themselves. Press a flat palm on the centre of the bun and catch the inner parts of the braids with the second stick to make the entire bun very flat.

I name this bun “Igor’s hybrid bun” for not really being a braided bun, not really being a Chinese bun and not really being a braided beehive

It is incredibly comfortable!