Thursday, 5 March 2020

Protective updos

Fuerteventura was very windy and constantly sunny, so my hair spent most of the time in protective buns covered in SPF


Which made it really, really shiny in the morning...

But the stickiness of the SPF really attracted all the dust in the air, so it got dull and dirty looking after a few hours!

When we went to the beach or pool, or went for trips around to see the island, I ended up covering it a lot. A silk scarf alone was was too slippery on my hair!

The best way turned out to be to layering two cotton scarves or a pre-tied tichel to provide some grip.


I liked the "wrap" detail in the front of this style.

I experimented with ways to flatten my bun underneath, but usually that just ended up with weird lumps...

I liked this particular style the best where it had a "headband" in the front and a "loop" around the bun in the back. It provided the best stability of all the styles.

Even though I was really careful, I still think my hair lost some colour over the vacation...

Monday, 2 March 2020


That challenge was pretty annoying.
On one hand, I liked having to go through what updos I can do and making sure I can do as much with my hair as I want to.
On the other hand... That was a lot more effort put into my hair than I would like to. The planning, the "schedule" and the fact that I couldn't just be lazy because I felt like it. Especially having to make the non-braid-base updos on the weekends was annoying when I really just wanted to be lazy.

I'm honestly tired of having to deal with my hair. How sad is that?
I guess this challenge was supposed to celebrate all the cool and creative things you can do with long hair, but instead it just made me annoyed with having to do something with my hair every day.
The most positive I can say is, that it made me apprentice how "far" I can go with a good braid base for creating different updos while still being lazy.

But now it's over. Done. Did it. Go me.

I think I will live in a basic English braid wrapped up in a cinnamon bun for a few days now.

This resulting gif is pretty cool though!